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  • December 18, 2017|Cinnamon StillwellThe Algemeiner

    [Text differs slights from the Algemeiner's.] Hackneyed predictions that the Middle East will "go up in flames" following President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital—and subsequent plans to move the U.S. embassy—have yet to

  • July 14, 2016|Cinnamon StillwellAmerican Thinker

    Following Omar Mateen's massacre of forty-nine people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, professors of Middle East studies reacted predictably by blaming guns, American homophobia, Christians, Deep South bigotry – anything but Islamic terrorism.

  • February 26, 2016|Cinnamon StillwellFrontPage Magazine

    Late last year, during the ongoing frenzy of violence directed at Israelis known as the "stabbing intifada," 20-year-old Maram Hassoneh was killed in her second attempted knife attack on IDF soldiers manning a checkpoint. Hassoneh, a devout Muslim...

  • December 15, 2015|Cinnamon StillwellFrontPage Magazine

    The contemptible reaction of Middle East studies professors to the Charlie Hebdo and kosher market massacres in Paris earlier this year was repeated with the brutal ISIS attacks on Paris in November. The deaths of 130 people resulted not in...

  • December 11, 2015|Cinnamon StillwellAmerican Thinker

    As Islamic terrorist attacks increase in the West, so, too, does the obfuscation of Middle East studies academia. By employing the predictable tropes of poverty, alienation, workplace violence, the need for gun control, bullying, "Islamophobia," and

  • June 22, 2015|Winfield MyersFrontPage Magazine

    He came with conceptions, but he made a voyage of discovery. And so he caught truths, deeper and more durable truths about himself and about us all. (The Traveler's Luck) So wrote Fouad Ajami, who died one year ago today, about Joseph Conrad, whose

  • June 22, 2015|Cinnamon StillwellAmerican Thinker

    Earlier this year, a firestorm erupted when Connecticut College philosophy professor Andrew Pessin's 2014 Facebook comments, in which he compared Hamas in Gaza to a "wild pit bull . . . chained in a cage, regularly making mass efforts to escape...

  • September 21, 2014|Cinnamon StillwellAmerican Thinker

    While Steven G. Salaita's inflammatory, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic Twitter posts and atrocious academic record may have cost him a tenured professorship at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), they did nothing to lessen his...

  • July 22, 2013|Cinnamon StillwellFrontPage Magazine

    Now that Egyptians have overthrown the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) government of former president Mohammed Morsi, how have scholars of the Middle East responded? With encomia, nostalgia, and conspiracy theories. (Click here for a full collection of...

  • July 20, 2013|Cinnamon Stillwell

    A sampling of commentary from Middle East studies scholars and moonlighters, non-specialists who write about the region, on the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt follows: Invoking conspiracy theories: Tariq Ramadan, professor of...

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