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  • June 25, 2017|Cinnamon Stillwell and Michael LumishThe Algemeiner

    California State University, Fresno (CSUF) is the last place that one would expect conspiracy theories about Jewish power to proliferate — because Jews make up less than one percent of Fresno's population. But leave it to the academic world to...

  • December 22, 2015|Cinnamon Stillwell and Adelle NazarianJihad Watch

    In recent months, California campuses have been awash in conferences alleging an "assault on academic freedom" against those who "teach Palestine." In October, the University of California, Riverside hosted "Palestine, Israel and the Assault on...

  • June 15, 2015|Bruce ThorntonFrontPage Magazine

    In theory, Middle East studies programs are a good idea. One of the biggest impediments to countering modern jihadism has been the lack of historical knowledge about the region and Islam. But even the attention and urgency that followed the terrorist

  • June 03, 2011|Lee KaplanFrontPage Magazine

    When the California Faculty Association (CFA) adopted a resolution in 2009 condemning Israel for its military incursion into Gaza, it reinforced the fear that academic unions would be the next front in an ongoing propaganda offensive against the...

  • September 07, 2007|Cinnamon Stillwell

    California State University, Fresno (CSUF) is in the process of developing The Middle East Studies Project, a collection of interdisciplinary courses that, by 2009, it hopes to offer as a minor in Middle East studies. But, already, some in the Fresno

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