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  • February 22, 2013|David J. RusinIslamist Watch

    Officials are investigating a bizarre incident at Terre Haute's Dixie Bee Elementary on February 8 in which Mohammed Alharbi and his three daughters, all students there, distributed religious messages while school was in session. Going room to...

  • February 13, 2012|David J. RusinFrontPage Magazine

    Resistance to a new bill aimed at limiting foreign law in Pennsylvania courts serves as a case study of how Islamists and their allies operate: peddling falsehoods about Shari'a, painting Muslims as victims, and denying that anyone seeks to

  • August 31, 2011|David J. RusinIslamist Watch

    What to make of Muslim Americans: Faith, Freedom, and the Future (PDF here), an extensive study of polling data released by the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center (ADGC) on August 2? According to the report, Muslims are as likely as any U.S. faith group to...

  • July 08, 2011|David J. RusinIslamist Watch

    Prince, the purple-clad rocker, caused many a jaw to drop last month over his laughably sanguine view of life in the Muslim world: It's fun being in Islamic countries, to know there's only one religion. There's order. You wear a burqa. There's no...

  • October 15, 2010|David J. RusinIslamist Watch

    Norwegian journalist Halvor Tjønn, who recently finished a biography of Muhammad for Oslo publisher Kagge, is the latest to experience a phenomenon that spans more than two decades: the sudden and mysterious cancellation of Islam-related books. Rita

  • August 31, 2010|David J. RusinIslamist Watch

    Would any journalist portray a BP board member, even one who also holds an academic job, as a dispassionate observer of oil and reprint his industry-aligned remarks without noting his corporate affiliation? Not likely. So why should it be...

  • April 06, 2010|David J. RusinIslamist Watch

    Tariq Ramadan, Europe's slickest Islamist, is set to appear in the United States for the first time since the Obama administration lifted a six-year-old entrance ban — imposed not to muzzle speech, as is often claimed, but because of donations he had

  • June 26, 2009|David J. RusinIslamist Watch

    With the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) weighed down by legal problems, it was just a matter of time before the government found a fresh partner for its Muslim outreach efforts. Now we know who it is: the Islamic Society of North...