Jonathan Brown

Speaking an event devoted to interfaith "bridge building," Georgetown University Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding director Jonathan Brown not only revived his notorious justifications for Islamic slavery, he advocated Islamic supremacy over non-Muslims, male superiority over women, and the Quran's "master-slave relationship between God and man." Campus Watch contributor Andrew Harrod's disturbing report appears today at the Daily Caller:

In conjunction with Cambridge University Professor Philip Sheldrake, a Christian, the American Muslim convert Brown slavishly addressed "Power: Divine and Human—Christian and Muslim Perspectives" in a manner hardly flattering to Islam. He noted that "in the Quran, God's power is the superlative of all superlatives, it is total, absolute, and without exception." Correspondingly, the "word that the Quran uses over and over to refer to human beings" is the "slaves of God."

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