Nader Hashemi

At the Center for the Study of Islam & Democracy's annual conference in Washington, D.C., Middle East studies professors like Georgetown University's John Esposito displayed the field's propensity for downplaying Islamist terrorism and smearing critics. University of Denver prof. Nader Hashemi went so far as to call out audience member and Campus Watch Fellow Andrew Harrod by name, accusing him of being a card-carrying member of the "Islamophobic industry." Harrod describes the experience at Jihad Watch:

Nader Hashemi's opening remark of the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy's (CSID) annual conference, held last month at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, DC, dripped with the sophistry and hostility that saturated the event. "There is a good presence here today, including members of the Islamophobic industry. Andrew Harrod, I see, is in the audience," sneered the University of Denver professor of Middle East studies (MES) in reference to this author's attendance.

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