Richard Silverstein's blog is called, apparently without irony, Tikun-Olam: Make the World a Better Place.

Silverstein apparently believes he can achieve this goal by lying about people, as he did this morning when he claimed that Paula Stern, a Barnard College alum who is circulating a petition to deny tenure to Barnard anthropologist Nadia Abu El-Haj, is nothing more than putty in Campus Watch's hands:

In truth, Campus Watch identifies an appropriate shill like Paula Stern and has her do their dirty work. That way their fingerprints aren't on the murder weapon (murdering a career, that is). A dirty business.

In truth, Paula Stern is not in the employ of Campus Watch, and she wrote her petition to deny Nadia Abu El-Haj tenure at Barnard College without any aid, contrivance, or contact with anyone at Campus Watch. I challenge Silverstein to provide any evidence whatsoever that Stern's work was done at Campus Watch's suggestion or behest, or that she in any way was motivated by anyone here at Campus Watch. He cannot do that, because his charge is utterly without merit. He made it up, whole cloth -- a dirty business indeed.