Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat's decision to cancel a return lecture at San Francisco State University after last year's disruption highlights what he rightly calls SFSU's "continuing marginalization and demonization of the Jewish state." So, too, does the Middle East Forum/Campus Watch campaign (sign petition here) to end SFSU's Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with radical Palestinian An-Najah National University. As CW's Cinnamon Stillwell points out at the Algemeiner, Najah students are still promoting terrorism against Israel:

Last month, Palestinian Media Watch reported that Shabiba — the Palestinian Authority (PA) student movement at Najah — displayed a logo on Fatah's official Facebook page featuring a coat of arms on a "resistance" fist. The coat of arms was in the shape of the PA map, claiming all of Israel as "Palestine." It was accompanied by the violent slogan, "From the sea of blood of the martyrs, we will create a state."

Then, on March 29, Fatah's Facebook page featured Shabiba's call for a day of terror against Israel on April 17. Shabiba promised to "to burn the land under the feet of the tyrants," and threatened to replicate a previous terror attack in which 16 people were murdered.

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