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Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
Shooting the (Infidel) Messenger [incl. Nicholas Damask] American Thinker June 18, 2020
American Professors Whitewash Islamic Terror [incl. John Voll, William Polk] Raymond Ibrahim April 1, 2020
Trump Scraps Cherished "Israel Grievance" Myth [incl. John Esposito] FrontPage Magazine December 27, 2017
Obama's Secret Directive Supporting Global Islamism RaymondIbrahim.com July 4, 2014
Author Aims To Dispel "Fallacies" About Saudi Islam [on Juan Cole] Jihad Watch March 23, 2009
John Esposito: In Praise of Obama and Dhimmitude Jihad Watch February 9, 2009
Vatican Reaffirms That "Theological Dialogue" Cannot Take Place With Muslims [incl. John Esposito] Dhimmi Watch January 5, 2009
"We [Christians and Muslims] all share the same God, the same principles of loving one another, of peace and justice" [incl. John Esposito] Dhimmi Watch December 29, 2008
Studying the Islamic Way of War [incl. ASMEA, Bernard Lewis, Walid Phares, et al.] National Review Online September 11, 2008
Esposito Spearheading Interfaith Dialogues Dhimmi Watch August 5, 2008
Islam's War Doctrines Ignored [incl. ASMEA, MES, Martin Kramer, et al.] Middle East Strategy at Harvard May 29, 2008
ASMEA's Debut Middle East Strategy at Harvard May 2, 2008
Jesus and Mohammad, Version 2.0 [on Middle East studies, Leila Ahmad, et al.] National Review Online September 10, 2007
200 Million Minority [on Tariq Ramadan] National Review Online April 27, 2007
Campus Watch in the Media
Title Publication Date
A 1389 Year-Old 'Phobia'? [incl. Reza Aslan] FrontPage Magazine April 7, 2017
Muslim Brotherhood Affiliate to Lead Prayers at the National Cathedral During Obama's Inauguration [on Ingrid Mattson] Jihad Watch January 17, 2009
Ingrid Mattson and the U.S. Muslim Engagement Project Jihad Watch October 1, 2008
Campus Watch Research
Title Publication Date
King 'Cherry-Picker' Juan Cole Accuses Jihadists of Cherry-Picking the Koran PJ Media September 20, 2021
Hidden Saudi and Qatari Funding Distorts Middle East Studies Gatestone Institute November 25, 2020
Jizya: Extortion Money From Islam's Slaves [incl. John Esposito] The Commentator July 30, 2014
Textbook Lies About Islam Pajamas Media April 5, 2009