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Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
Shooting the (Infidel) Messenger [incl. Nicholas Damask] American Thinker June 18, 2020
American Professors Whitewash Islamic Terror [incl. John Voll, William Polk] Raymond Ibrahim April 1, 2020
Trump Scraps Cherished "Israel Grievance" Myth [incl. John Esposito] FrontPage Magazine December 27, 2017
Obama's Secret Directive Supporting Global Islamism RaymondIbrahim.com July 4, 2014
Author Aims To Dispel "Fallacies" About Saudi Islam [on Juan Cole] Jihad Watch March 23, 2009
John Esposito: In Praise of Obama and Dhimmitude Jihad Watch February 9, 2009
Vatican Reaffirms That "Theological Dialogue" Cannot Take Place With Muslims [incl. John Esposito] Dhimmi Watch January 5, 2009
"We [Christians and Muslims] all share the same God, the same principles of loving one another, of peace and justice" [incl. John Esposito] Dhimmi Watch December 29, 2008
Studying the Islamic Way of War [incl. ASMEA, Bernard Lewis, Walid Phares, et al.] National Review Online September 11, 2008
Esposito Spearheading Interfaith Dialogues Dhimmi Watch August 5, 2008
Islam's War Doctrines Ignored [incl. ASMEA, MES, Martin Kramer, et al.] Middle East Strategy at Harvard May 29, 2008
ASMEA's Debut Middle East Strategy at Harvard May 2, 2008
Jesus and Mohammad, Version 2.0 [on Middle East studies, Leila Ahmad, et al.] National Review Online September 10, 2007
200 Million Minority [on Tariq Ramadan] National Review Online April 27, 2007
Campus Watch in the Media
Title Publication Date
A 1389 Year-Old 'Phobia'? [incl. Reza Aslan] FrontPage Magazine April 7, 2017
Muslim Brotherhood Affiliate to Lead Prayers at the National Cathedral During Obama's Inauguration [on Ingrid Mattson] Jihad Watch January 17, 2009
Ingrid Mattson and the U.S. Muslim Engagement Project Jihad Watch October 1, 2008
Campus Watch Research
Title Publication Date
Hidden Saudi and Qatari Funding Distorts Middle East Studies Gatestone Institute November 25, 2020
Jizya: Extortion Money From Islam's Slaves [incl. John Esposito] The Commentator July 30, 2014
Textbook Lies About Islam Pajamas Media April 5, 2009