Writings by Jay Schalin

Moonlighting: Non-Specialists in the News, Middle East Studies in the News, Campus Watch Research

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Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
New Wave or Clever Ruse? [incl. Omid Safi, Aaron Hughes, Abdullah Antepli, miriam cooke, Bruce Lawrence] American Thinker August 29, 2014
Misreading the Quran [incl. Carl Ernst] American Thinker August 5, 2012
Campus Watch Research
Title Publication Date
Torturing the Truth at Duke Divinity American Thinker April 24, 2011
What I Learned at Duke University's 'Gaza Teach-In' [incl. miriam cooke, Abdullah Antepli, et al.] The American Thinker February 28, 2009
Moonlighting: Non-Specialists in the News
Title Publication Date
An Institution of Unreason in an Age of Renewal [incl. Steven Salaita] American Thinker March 18, 2017