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Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
California Praised for Scrapping Controversial Ethnic Studies Curriculum Amid Antisemitism Fears The Algemeiner August 14, 2019
Ilhan Omar Joins NY Times in Spreading False Claim That Jesus was a Palestinian [incl. Omar Suleiman] Legal Insurrection May 1, 2019
Sponsors Demand Refund After Antisemitic Rap at UNC Gaza Conference, While Lawmaker Calls for Federal Probe The Algemeiner April 18, 2019
Nikki Haley for the Win: UN Withdraws Anti-Israel Report and Official Resigns [incl. Richard Falk] Legal Insurrection March 19, 2017
Campus Watch Research
Title Publication Date
American Academics Defend Iranian Regime Despite Dismal COVID-19 Response The American Spectator May 7, 2020
MESA Again Demonstrates Its Contempt for Israel JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) December 19, 2019
Will Bias Land Sarah Ihmoud a Job at Boston University? JNS November 10, 2019
Campus Watch Blog
Title Publication Date
Linda Sarsour Smears Israel as Marc Lamont Hill Applauds Campus Watch Blog March 27, 2020
Rashid Khalidi Undermines His Own Thesis Campus Watch Blog March 16, 2020
A Third Shot Across the Bow for Title VI-Funded Middle East Studies Programs Campus Watch Blog March 9, 2020
ISGAP Urges Dept. of Education Crackdown on Unreported Foreign Funding of U.S. Universities Campus Watch Blog February 25, 2020
The Alwaleed Center's Odd Definition of Pluralism Campus Watch Blog February 14, 2020
Columbia's Joseph Massad Uses Holocaust Inversion to Sully Holocaust Memorial Day Campus Watch Blog February 3, 2020
MESA Hits Bottom, Continues Digging in Support of Anti-Israel Activism Campus Watch Blog January 30, 2020
Craig Considine Shills for Anti-Israel Propagandists Campus Watch Blog January 9, 2020
Mourning Soleimani, from Hollywood to the Campus Campus Watch Blog January 8, 2020
Princeton's Mousavian Mourns Terror Leaders Campus Watch Blog January 7, 2020
Why Are Academics Ignoring Iran's Colonialism? Campus Watch Blog December 27, 2019
Christmas Cultural Appropriation Palestinian Style Campus Watch Blog December 20, 2019
UC Santa Cruz Taps Prof Who Pushed the Academic Boycott of Israel to Head New Middle East Studies Center Campus Watch Blog December 10, 2019
MESA's Statement Defending Academic Freedom and Condemning Anti-Semitism Does Just the Opposite Campus Watch Blog November 15, 2019
Why is Marc Lamont Hill Giving the Keynote Address at MESA? Campus Watch Blog November 13, 2019
Will Bias Land Sarah Ihmoud a Job at Boston University? Campus Watch Blog November 11, 2019
Craig Considine to Appear with Hate Preacher Siraj Wahhaj Campus Watch Blog November 6, 2019
Prof Claims Islam Is Not the Root of Islamic Terrorism Campus Watch Blog October 18, 2019
Why Did Duke Professors Bring Up Israel When the Dept. of Education Didn't? Campus Watch Blog October 7, 2019