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Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
Sharia Lobby Shifts into Fifth Gear [incl. Kristen Stilt] Family Security Matters September 7, 2011
Organization of Islamic Conference's Chicago Summit Flops [incl. Tariq Ramadan] Family Security Matters October 8, 2010
Hugging Shari'a Finance at the Fed [incl. Islamic Saudi Academy] FrontPage Magazine December 10, 2008
The Fly in the Bin Mahfouz Ointment [re Cambridge U. Press, "Alms for Jihad," Robert Collins, et al.] FrontPage Magazine August 6, 2007
PBS Muzzles Moderates [ref. Aminah Beverly McCloud, et al.] FrontPage Magazine May 8, 2007
Why Tariq Ramadan Lost The Washington Times October 11, 2006
Peeling Columbia's Middle East Mask Jewish Internet Association December 14, 2003
Campus Watch in the Media
Title Publication Date
The Hamas PR Machine in America [ref. Sara Roy, Augustus Richard Norton, Shibley Telhami, Virginia Tilley, Rashid Khalidi] In Focus (pub. of the Jewish Policy Center) Fall 2007
Campus Watch Research
Title Publication Date
Feminist Middle East Studies FrontPage Magazine February 17, 2006
The Middle East Studies Association in 2005: More of the Same FrontPage Magazine November 17, 2005
Morbid Philanthropy [on the Macarthur Foundation's support of Middle East Studies] FrontPage Magazine September 22, 2005
Columbia's Anti-Jewish Conspiracy Theorist FrontPage Magazine April 25, 2005
Poetry, terror and political narcissism The American Thinker March 4, 2005
Stanford's Islamist Threat FrontPage Magazine December 21, 2004
Columbia U's Radical Middle East Faculty FrontPage Magazine March 18, 2003