After a long hiatus, the Islamic State's Ajnad Media, which produces the Arabic nasheeds, has finally released a new production (the last ones being 'Praise be to God' released in July 2016, 'In the path of God' released in May 2016 and "The Dawla Has Arisen" released in January 2016). It is possible the small output partly reflects a disruption to the Islamic State's media production in terms of killing potential Arabic language munshids, while al-Hayat media has continued to produce nasheeds in languages besides Arabic.

Below is a preliminary translation by me of this new nasheed: "Mawkab al-Nur" ("The Convoy of Light"). The themes here are very general and oft-recurring: the glorious past, subduing the disbelievers etc. In addition, the Arabic used here is very straightforward.

The convoy of light has called us. Take the initiative, our hand-mill [of war] has turned.
The bond of religion is calling, oh our brother, oh our brother.
Accept the burden and arise together, it [the bond of religion] only has us today.
We are descendants of noble ones, who subdued disbelief for a time.
The most truthful people in tongue, the finest people in soul.
They were leaders, defiant, a statement in the mouth of fate.
Here is the victory that has become evident, and the history has risen in prestige.
So arise today glorious and lofty, and relieve our hardship.
Dawn has arisen and sung, glad tidings have spread over our hills.
The world has rejoiced in exultation,* and truth has come on high and become manifest.
The disbelievers will only see youth who reject degradation.
They will only see battles, spearheads and constant attacks.
We will fill the world with loftiness, and spread justice with the guarantee of protection.
We have been a mercy to mankind, and a torment to our enemies.

* The verb used here can also mean 'to say 'la illah ill Allah' (there is no deity but God).

Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi is a research fellow at Middle East Forum's Jihad Intel project.