"Heed the call" (Arabic: labbu al-nida') is the latest production from the Islamic State's Ajnad Media, which puts out Arabic nasheeds and recitations of parts of the Qur'an. The nasheed is interesting because it touches in a general sense on the fact that the Islamic State increasingly feels under pressure with the military campaigns against it, thus the emphasis on the need for jihad and fighting until death: 'Only death has remained in the time of the epic battles and conflict.' Also alluding to this theme is the question posed of where are 'the men of manliness' and 'the lions of the struggle.' Finally note the reference to the supposed arrogance of the non-Muslims as they wage their war on the Islamic State (equated in the nasheed with 'Tawheed'- monotheism).

Below is the nasheed translated in full.

Oh Muslims, on this day you have been called to jihad.
Heed the call of God and strive, the one who strives for God has not failed.
Where are the men of manliness? Where are the lions of the struggle?
Stretch forth your hands as we pledge allegiance* without treachery and heresy.
Only death has remained in the time of the epic battles and conflict.
This is our boat, calling you to the highest sail,
With every brave person, esteemed, devoted, gallant and courageous.
For the disbelievers in their laughter have begun to become conceited in all the regions,
In a war on Tawheed that they have led arm in arm,
They have only taken revenge on us because we are a people who follow it [i.e. Tawheed].

* Refers to a common ritual before a battle or military engagement of stretching forth your hands and placing them in the middle with a group of people with a pledge to fight together etc.

Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi is a research fellow at Middle East Forum's Jihad Intel project.