In an interview with an Italian newspaper, Assad confirmed earlier Turkish accounts of a "proximity talk" with Olmert, and said "we were already within reach of an agreement...Olmert [said] that he is willing to return the Golan Heights. ...The only thing missing was the final details in regards to the 1967 line.". Assad was on the phone with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, who had Olmert in an adjoining room. "Erdogan was on the line from Istanbul, Olmert was having dinner with him in another room, and I was here in Damascus. He wanted to talk to me urgently. There was only one obstacle in the direct talks: An Israeli acceptance of a document marking the 1967 border line, which passes in six geographical points along Lake Kinneret and the Jordan River. We were on the phone for hours and hours. Olmert was avoiding the issue. I asked him, through Erdogan, for a clear answer. He suggested delaying the decision by several days, in order to consult his government. But after that, four days later, the war in Gaza broke out. Another missed opportunity. And then Turkey stopped playing by the rules with Israel. It felt deceived." Assad repeated the principle that, "America has an important role, being a superpower. Only Washington can pressure Israel."