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The term 'baqiya' ('remaining') is one of the most familiar words associated with the Islamic State, dating back to the first statehood predecessor of the Islamic State: namely, the Islamic State of Iraq under Abu Omar al-Baghdadi. The idea of 'baqiya' is that the Islamic State will not vanish, whatever the setbacks.

This is the underlying message of this new nasheed- Dawlati Baqiya (My Dawla/State is Remaining) from the Ajnad Media wing. Like 'Heed the Call', it is clearly addressing the current losses faced by the Islamic State amid the coalition campaign against it.

Below is my translation of the nasheed, with explanatory notes where necessary.

My Dawla [state] is remaining, firing at the enemy.
Its soldiers shout that it is remaining [baqiya].
Its path will not be eliminated, its light seeks to expand
From a glorious God, thus removing darkness.
Its rain is like the clouds, raining down with spears
On the gatherings of the dogs and the misguided enemy.
Through the iron, the swords have given rise to honourable deeds,
Having awoken a sleepy Ummah from slumber.
Oh people of error, it [the Dawla] is remaining, not vanishing,
Anchored like the mountains, anchored, anchored.
It has not bowed down like the slaves, its might is like iron.
Its zealous lions will revive our glory.
Its faithful soldiers have built the edifice,
High in the sky, high, high.
So it [the edifice] has become unable to be harmed, lofty as the clouds,*
Elevated to Excellence, the pinnacle in the sky.[1]*
The Dawla of the believers is the fortress of the Muslims.
Its strength will not grow soft, its fire protects.
It has exploded their [the infidels'] hearing,[2] made their tears flow,
Its strong wind has dispersed their gatherings.
It has killed them by the thousands and led them to their deaths,
With bloody armour, swords and knives.
How much blood it has made to flow in the path of defiance!
For the banner has transformed into a mast for on high.
By an illuminating book [the Qur'an] and weapons that give victory,[3]
To the Almighty God it has been calling.
My Dawla, indeed it is the saved sect.[4]
Its soldiers shout: remaining, remaining.


[1] cf. 'We will move forth to Excellence.'
[2] i.e. Rendered them deaf.
[3] cf. Ibn Taymiyya's concept of a 'book that guides and a sword that gives victory.'
[4] For the 'saved sect' concept: see discussion here.

Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi is a research fellow at Middle East Forum's Jihad Intel project.