See "Obama's New Spy Chief Publishes a Vicious Anti-Israel Journal" by Sammy Benoit.
Some on the left are trying to make a parallel between Freeman and Dennis Ross. This is outrageous. Ross did not take $1 million from the government of Israel to conduct public relations in the United States. Freeman did this for the King of Saudi Arabia, by his own account. Ross is not an extreme anti-Arab ideologue. Freeman regularly fulminates vitriolic anti-Israel diatribes. There is no comparison between the two cases. Nor is the pathetic effort to paint Freeman as merely "even-handed" tolerable. Freeman has received funds from Saudi Arabia to engage in systematic Israel-bashing. He is about as even-handed as a lawyer in a civil suit. These points are so obvious, that they could not be missed by Freeman's defenders. They are defending him not because this is a sound appointment, but because their anger at Israel and AIPAC is so fierce that they are willing to have a proven ideologue there in the hope that he will teach Israel a lesson.