Writings by Sam Nunberg

Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
International 'Islamophobia' Conference Promotes Sharia Agenda BreitbartSeptember 28, 2013
Silencing a secularist in Turkey The Washington TimesAugust 8, 2013
Distorting NIAC's Court Defeat Breitbart Big JournalismMay 26, 2013
'The Innocent Prophet' Narrator and Christian Convert Defeats Islamists' Hate Speech Charge The BlazeMay 6, 2013
Predatory Lawsuit Rebounds Back on Iranian Front Group Breitbart Big PeaceApril 16, 2013
Nonviolent Islamism in the News
Title Publication Date
UN Pressures Germany to Bow to 'Hate Speech' Hysteria FrontPage MagazineMay 16, 2013
The Muslims with No Name: Islamists Cover Up Their Existence in the Media American ThinkerApril 14, 2013
A Response to NIAC's Deceitful Fundraising Letter FrontPage MagazineJanuary 9, 2013
Defamation of Religion to Trump the 1st Amendment? CBN NewsJuly 17, 2012
Media Release: Bruce Bawer Praises the Legal Project for its Critical Assistance in Anders Breivik Trial Legal ProjectJune 19, 2012
The Southern Poverty Law Center's Shameful Attack on Defenders of Freedom Legal ProjectJune 13, 2012
Bawer & Fjordman Removed From Breivik Circus Legal ProjectJune 3, 2012