Writings by Oren Litwin

Middle East Forum Blog
Title Publication Date
No Surrender to the Rise of Anti-Semitism March 29, 2019
And a FOURTH Foreign Imam Promotes Hatred—Cancel His Visa! Islamist Watch January 12, 2018
A Surprising Statement from CAIR-New Jersey Islamist Watch December 13, 2017
New Jersey Mosque Imam Calls for Genocide Islamist Watch December 12, 2017
Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
Correcting the Record on Israel The Rutland Herald July 3, 2019
Islamists Rising ... in Local U.S. Politics The Daily Wire June 24, 2019
CAIR Settles Claim It Preyed on Fellow Muslims The Daily Wire June 10, 2019
Why U.S. Islamists Call for Open Borders The American Spectator June 5, 2019
Muslim Power? An Emboldened New Trend in Islamist Messaging inside the U.S. The American Spectator May 2, 2019
When a Hamas Front Lobbies Congress The American Spectator April 18, 2019
The New Islamist Lobby American Thinker April 8, 2019
Qatari Soft Power: Doha Miseducates America January 30, 2019
New York's Disastrous Grant for Organizations Linked to Islamic Extremism The Daily Caller October 5, 2018
Rashida Tlaib Is Not Fit for Congress The Daily Caller September 18, 2018
Can Keith Ellison Enforce the Law Without Bias? The American Spectator July 26, 2018
The BNP Runs for Office in America The Asian Age July 6, 2018
CAIR Denies Condemning Anti-Semitism Rabwah Times June 12, 2018
Don't Work with the Southern Poverty Law Center The Tennessee Star May 18, 2018
Islamist Groups Protest Counter-Extremism Programs — No Surprise March 14, 2018
Bigoted Bedfellows: American Islamist Groups AMP and CAIR JNS December 26, 2017
Congressional Candidate Tied to Pakistani Terror Group The American Spectator December 22, 2017
Time to Deport New Jersey's Genocidal Imam The Algemeiner December 20, 2017
Terror Financing: It's Time to Take Care of Unfinished Business National Review Online October 6, 2017
Islamist Mosque a 'Regular Stopping Point' for Virginia Politicians The Daily Caller August 10, 2017
Will Rep. Kennedy Stay Away from Controversial Mosque? PJ Media April 7, 2017
Keith Ellison's Questionable Ties The Daily Caller February 16, 2017
Obama's 'Countering Violent Extremism' Program Funds Extremist MPAC Breitbart February 9, 2017
Ellison's Extremism Wrong for the DNC The Washington Examiner November 23, 2016
Tim Kaine's Islamist Donors Independent Journal Review August 16, 2016
Audio, Video and Transcripts
Title Publication Date
Islamists Infiltrate the US Political System March 18, 2019