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CAIR Smears Clarion Project, Ryan Mauro August 23, 2016
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It's Time to Send a Message to Qatar The Hill June 5, 2019
'New State' Delusion: A Greater Gaza Would Be as Bad as It Sounds The Hill May 7, 2019
The Challenge of Working at MEF News from the Middle East Forum December 30, 2018
'Sword and Scimitar' Offers In-Depth Study of Landmark Battles Between Islam and the West August 31, 2018
ZOA Needs To Come Clean About Qatari Cash The Forward June 24, 2018
Ending The 'Theater of the Absurd' At The UNHRC The Hill June 20, 2018
Nashville's Jewish Community Schadenfreude Jewish News Syndicate May 23, 2018
Recognizing Jerusalem is in America's National Interest Jerusalem Post May 13, 2018
Crafting a US Response to Turkish Intransigence The Hill March 7, 2018
Navigating the US collision course with Turkey The Hill March 5, 2018
UNRWA: the Greatest Obstacle to Peace Israel Hayom February 7, 2018
Moving the Palestinian Leadership from Rejectionism to Recognition The Hill January 25, 2018
Trump Is Right to Cut Funding to UNRWA The Hill January 7, 2018
Trump Administration Strategy Document Improves on Predecessors The Hill December 27, 2017
There's Only One Road to Peace for Israel: U.S. Recognition of Jerusalem The Hill December 5, 2017
Trump's Critics on Iran Are Wrong The Hill October 16, 2017
Let's All Agree Not to Visit Turkey The Daily Caller October 6, 2017
NATO Needs to Admit Turkey Is Shredding Democratic Values The Hill September 22, 2017
Islamic Charity Linked to Extremism and Terror Still Gets USG Funding The Daily Caller September 8, 2017
To Fight Extremism, Trump Needs a Credible Public Liaison Office The Hill August 21, 2017
Stop Smearing Sebastian Gorka The Forward August 18, 2017
Even Kushner Knows Negotiation Can't Solve the Palestinian Conflict The Hill August 4, 2017
Under Trump, Israeli Victims of Terror at Least Get Genuine Condolences The Jerusalem Post June 27, 2017
Once Again, CAIR Shows That Islamism and Civil Rights Don't Mix The Hill April 15, 2017
Get Ready for the Trump Doctrine The Hill April 7, 2017
Shooting the Messenger: Silicon Valley Foundation Lashes Out at Middle East Forum The Daily Caller March 22, 2017
Aslan Takes Anti-'Islamophobia' Campaign on Air, and on the Road The Daily Caller March 10, 2017
Targeting Nationalities, Not Individuals, Is Why Trump's Travel Ban Fails NewsWorks February 20, 2017
A Five-Part Plan for Trump to Rebuild US Relations with Israel The Hill January 27, 2017
J Street's Dead End The Hill January 22, 2017
Advice for President-elect Trump from a Veteran Mideast Envoy (satire) The Times of Israel January 19, 2017
What is Obama's End Game on Israel? The Hill December 31, 2016
John Kerry is Dead Wrong about Israeli Settlements The Los Angeles Times December 28, 2016
It's Time for Realism in Syria, President-elect Donald Trump The Hill December 23, 2016
The Myth of Israel's Demographic Doomsday The Hill December 9, 2016
As Trump Charts New Mideast Policy, White House Contemplates Sabotage The Miami Herald November 21, 2016
Obama's November Surprise The Hill September 26, 2016
Israeli Victory Is the Only Way to Bring Peace The Hill September 9, 2016
Fighting Islamist Terror after Orlando The Hill June 15, 2016
No, the Council on American-Islamic Relations Doesn't Like Homosexuals Independent Journal Review June 15, 2016
Actually, Avigdor Lieberman Is Just What Israel Needs Right Now The Forward May 25, 2016
Why Israelis Are Worried About Donald Trump The Daily Caller March 24, 2016
No, Mr. Trump, Americans Aren't Intolerant The Albany Times-Union December 30, 2015
Turkey's Human Wave Assault on the West The Hill December 7, 2015
Terrorism: Time to Take the Gloves Off The Sun-Sentinel December 4, 2015
What France Can Learn from Israel in Confronting Islamist Terror The Times of Israel November 15, 2015
Iran and the Old Potomac Two-Step The Times of Israel September 6, 2015
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Iran Nuclear Deal Town Hall August 24, 2015
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Israeli Regional Power and the Struggle over the Spoils of the Syrian War MEF Wire September 18, 2018
The Israel Victory Project: "25 Years Since Oslo, Time for New Thinking" July 3, 2018
Making Sense of Israel's Political Upheaval MEF Wire April 3, 2018
Is Trump Keeping His Mideast Promises? MEF Wire May 11, 2017