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State Legislator Blasts CAIR, then Caves to It Islamist WatchMay 13, 2015
Some French Schools Institute Pork-or-Nothing Policies Islamist WatchMay 13, 2015
Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
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IW News Brief: NYC Muslim Holidays, Corporate Speech Police Islamist WatchApril 13, 2015
IW News Brief: Cartoonophobia, Outspoken Mayor, and More Islamist WatchFebruary 13, 2015
Rahim Sabadia: Portrait of a Disgraced Defense Contractor PJ MediaMay 28, 2014
Islam, Muslims, and the 2012 Election Middle East QuarterlySummer 2013
Problems in the U.S. Military Middle East QuarterlySpring 2013
CAIR Leader Runs for New York City Council FrontPageMagazine.comFebruary 1, 2013
Hate Crime Stats Deflate 'Islamophobia' Myth National Review OnlineJanuary 11, 2013
When Romney Met Kenny FrontPageMagazine.comOctober 23, 2012
Western Courts Bend to Islamic Practices PJ MediaSeptember 28, 2012
American Islamist Groups Shape Arab Revolutions FrontPageMagazine.comJuly 31, 2012
Philadelphia and the Burqa Bandits PJ MediaJune 27, 2012
The BBC Broadcasts Its Own Dhimmitude PJ MediaMay 8, 2012
Gay Marriage Has Islamists Eyeing Polygamy National ReviewApril 16, 2012
Western Survival Depends on Western Pride FrontPageMagazine.comMarch 28, 2012
CAIR's Fight Against Pennsylvania Foreign Law Bill FrontPageMagazine.comFebruary 13, 2012
Denying Islamists Federal Security Clearances PJ MediaJanuary 27, 2012
May Christians Preach Outside a Philadelphia Mosque? American ThinkerMay 1, 2011
Jafar 'Jeff' Siddiqui: The Islamist Who Served on the Electoral College Pajamas MediaJuly 31, 2009
Government Policies Stifle Talk of Islam Pajamas MediaJanuary 9, 2009
Legendary Songwriter Now Marches to an Islamist Tune American ThinkerNovember 29, 2008
Obama Office Operates in Philly's Islamist Corridor Pajamas MediaOctober 22, 2008
Fear Stalks Muslim Apostates in the West American ThinkerAugust 3, 2008
A Schism over Shari'a in the Church of England American ThinkerMay 11, 2008
Take My Wives, Please: Polygamy Heads West Pajamas MediaFebruary 29, 2008
Portrait of the Artist as a Dhimmified Man Pajamas MediaJanuary 10, 2008
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Defeating Nonviolent Jihad MEF WireMay 24, 2010