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Muslim Reformers Warn of Islamists' Political Designs Islamist WatchJuly 25, 2019
Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
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Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Meet With Terrorist-Run Pay-To-Slay Group The FederalistDecember 2, 2019
Muslim Reformers Meet in Islamists' Backyard Alpha NewsSeptember 15, 2019
Emboldened Islamists Call for Theocracy in America The Daily WireAugust 2, 2019
Brooklyn's Islamist Vigilantes The American SpectatorApril 10, 2019
CAIR's Radical-Speaking Circuit: Faith-Led, Seventh-Century Justice-Driven JNSFebruary 22, 2019
President Trump and the Janus-faced Qatari Regime January 30, 2019
Fool Me Twice: Shame on CAIR American SpectatorSeptember 14, 2018
Islamic Society of North America's Extremist Price of Admission Jewish News SyndicateAugust 21, 2018
Brandeis Professors' Textbook Attacks Israel Under the Mantle of Objectivity New English ReviewApril 1, 2018
LIFE Goes on for Embattled Islamist Charity The Daily CallerJanuary 23, 2018
Title Publication Date
Middle East Studies at UT-Austin: Biased Professors, Politicized Classrooms CAMERA on CampusJuly 16, 2019