Writings by Bat Ye'or

Articles in Middle East Quarterly
Title Publication Date
Delegitimizing the Jewish State Middle East QuarterlyWinter 2011
Title Publication Date
Jihad. Les textes fondateurs de l'islam face à la modernité Middle East QuarterlySpring 2010
Religion of Peace?: Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn't Middle East QuarterlySpring 2008
The War of Western Europe against Israel Middle East QuarterlySummer 2006
Islamisme et Etats-Unis: Une Alliance contre l'Europe Middle East QuarterlySeptember 1998
Audio, Video and Transcripts
Title Publication Date
Eurabia - Europe's Future? MEF WireFebruary 7, 2005
Understanding the Jihad against America MEF WireOctober 24, 2002
Global Jihad and America's War MEF WireFebruary 19, 2002