Writings by Andrew E. Harrod

Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
CAIR Calls for Inclusion, Except for Critics The Algemeiner October 22, 2018
Washington Conference Debates the Pros and Cons of Trump's Israel Strategy The Algemeiner October 10, 2018
Naïve Academics Claim Trump's Scrutiny of Iran Deal Could Lead to War The Algemeiner February 26, 2018
Prejudice's Latest Victim: Islam Family Security Matters March 5, 2014
Danish Muslim Apostate Faces Hate Speech Charges FrontPageMagazine.com January 2, 2014
Many Things Rotten in Denmark FrontPageMagazine.com November 13, 2013
South African Radio Station Fined for Unflattering Mention of Islam Breitbart Big Peace October 16, 2013
United Nations' War on Free Speech Continues FrontPageMagazine.com September 6, 2013
Arab MK's Sharia Blasphemy Demand on Israel American Thinker August 23, 2013
Islam's Cartoon Jihad Strikes Again FrontPageMagazine.com July 16, 2013
Undaunted: Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff's Fight for Free Speech FrontPageMagazine.com July 5, 2013
The Center for American Progress' Willful Blindness American Thinker June 9, 2013
Catholic Cardinal Calls for End to Blasphemy Laws FrontPageMagazine.com May 21, 2013
The Media's Muhammad Blackout Defers Again to Islam FrontPageMagazine.com May 10, 2013
Silencing Speech on Islam American Thinker May 4, 2013
MEF in the Media
Title Publication Date
Organization of Islamic Cooperation's "Islamophobia" Campaign against Freedom Religious Freedom Coalition January 20, 2014