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  • July 12, 2006|Michael Rubin and Suzanne GershowitzThe Evolving Threat: International Terrorism in the post 9-11 Era

    Political Strategies to Counterterrorism

  • May 09, 2006|Michael Rubin and Suzanne GershowitzPhiladelphia Inquirer

    Putting politics before pacifism

  • December 01, 2005|Michael Rubin and Suzanne GershowitzRivista di Intelligence

    How to Deal with Kidnappings in Iraq

  • September 01, 2005|Suzanne Gershowitz and Emanuele OttolenghiMiddle East Quarterly

    Europe's Problem with Ariel Sharon

    The death of Palestinian Authority chairman Yasir Arafat together with Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon's commitment to withdraw from the Gaza Strip may have injected new momentum into Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy, but European attitudes toward

  • June 01, 2005|Suzanne GershowitzMiddle East Quarterly

    Dissident Watch: Ayman Nour

    On January 29, 2005, just a day before Iraq's first free elections in a half-century, the Egyptian government moved to shut down its own fledgling opposition, arresting 40-year-old Ayman Nour, chairman of the upstart Ghad (Tomorrow) party. In...

  • March 01, 2005|Suzanne GershowitzMiddle East Quarterly

    Dissident Watch: Aktham Naisse

    In 1989, Aktham Naisse, a 38-year-old Syrian human rights activist, founded the Committee for the Defense of Democratic Liberties and Human Rights and started publishing the Sawt ad-Dimuqratiya (Voice of Democracy) newsletter. Two years later, his

  • January 01, 2005|Suzanne GershowitzMiddle East Quarterly

    Dissident Watch: Ahmad Batebi

    On July 7, 1999, the Iranian government banned the popular reformist daily Salam. The next evening, students at Tehran University staged a peaceful demonstration against regime censorship. In the early morning hours of July 9, hard-line vigilantes,