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  • January 11, 2011|Daniel HuffThe Daily Caller

    The latest terrorist tactic: litigation

    On December 29, Scandinavian authorities arrested five terrorists planning an attack in Denmark. Almost as interesting as what they targeted is what they spared and the lessons it holds for future counterterrorism efforts. The plot was to storm the

  • December 11, 2010|Daniel HuffThe Daily Caller

    Profiling airline passengers is constitutional and effective

    Last Christmas, it looked like TSA might finally be getting serious. That day, Umar Abdulmutallab very nearly brought down a jetliner using explosives hidden in his underwear. The agency's response was swift and two-fold. Body scanners would...

  • October 29, 2010|Daniel HuffFrumForum

    Islamic Extremist Targets Facebook Users

    Court documents filed last week reveal Islamic extremists have obtained personal contact information on members of the defiant Facebook group "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day." Zachary Chesser, who provided the information, pled guilty to "communicating

  • October 28, 2010|Daniel HuffMEF Wire

    Islamists' Twin Assault on Free Speech

    Daniel Huff is director of the Middle East Forum's Legal Project, which defends the free speech rights of authors and activists commenting on radical Islam and related issues. A graduate of Columbia Law School, he previously served as counsel on the

  • September 27, 2010|Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Daniel HuffLos Angeles Times

    It's Time to Fight Back Against Death Threats by Islamic Extremists

    Earlier this year, after Comedy Central altered an episode of "South Park" that had prompted threats because of the way it depicted Islam's prophet Muhammad, Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris proposed an "Everybody Draw Muhammad Day." The idea was...

  • September 20, 2010|Daniel HuffFox News

    Is Koran Burning Protected by Free Speech?

    The struggle for civil rights forged a national commitment to preserving free speech in the face of hostile audiences. It is alarming how quickly the Koran controversy has melted that resolve. Initially, everyone from Mayor Bloomberg to the White...

  • August 09, 2010|Daniel HuffThe National Law Journal

    The Speech Act should not pre-empt state law

    A federal law passed in late July making it harder to enforce foreign libel judgments is great news for journalists in 46 states. Unfortunately, for those in the remaining four, it may have the unintended consequence of weakening the protection they

  • July 06, 2010|Daniel HuffFox News

    Is the First Amendment in Jeopardy?

    The Declaration of Independence did more than dissolve the bonds with England. It put the world on notice that America is sovereign; that the rights of its citizens will not be dictated by foreign powers. That is why it is hard to believe that free

  • January 25, 2010|Daniel HuffFrum Forum

    Islamist Lawfare Defeated in Texas

    [Published as: Islamists' New Weapon: Libel Law] Libel suits are not normally associated with national security, but a case the Texas Supreme Court ruled on January 15 carries just such implications. The suit against internet journalist Joe...