• January 01, 2018|Anna BorshchevskayaMiddle East Quarterly

    Russia's Goals Go beyond Damascus

    Russia's intervention in Syria fits within Putin's desires to return Russia to the Middle East.

  • November 17, 2016|Anna BorshchevskayaMEF Wire

    Russia's Growing Middle Eastern Prowess

    Summary account by Marilyn Stern, Middle East Forum Communications Coordinator. Moscow's military intervention in Syria has not only made it a key factor in that country's civil war but has also boosted its regional standing, netted it a major naval

  • June 01, 2010|Anna BorshchevskayaMiddle East Quarterly

    Sponsored Corruption and Neglected Reform in Syria

    A decade into Bashar al-Assad's rule, the Syrian economy is languishing. The police state Bashar inherited from his father Hafiz continues to obstruct any kind of reform whether in the political or economic spheres. Outspoken dissident Riad Seif...