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  • September 01, 2016|Amatzia BaramMiddle East Quarterly

    Saddam’s Baathist Ruse

    Pan-Arabism was a handy ploy for Hussein’s political survival

  • May 23, 2016|Amatzia BaramMEF Wire

    Iraq's Uncertain Future

    Amatzia Baram, professor emeritus at the Department of Middle East History at Haifa University, briefed the Middle East Forum on a conference call May 16, 2016. The bloodless storming of Baghdad's parliament by followers of the prominent Shiite...

  • October 28, 2010|Amatzia BaramMEF Wire

    The Battle for Iraq

    Amatzia Baram is a professor in the Department of the History of the Middle East and director of the Center for Iraq Studies at the University of Haifa, Israel. Prior to the invasion of Iraq, he served as a senior fellow at the Brookings...

  • March 01, 1999|Amatzia BaramMiddle East Quarterly

    Building Towards Crisis

  • December 01, 1995|Amatzia BaramMiddle East Quarterly

    Turmoil in Iraq: The Regime's #2 Defects

  • June 01, 1995|Amatzia BaramMiddle East Quarterly

    An Iraqi General Defects