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  • March 01, 2013|Ali AlfonehMiddle East Quarterly

    What the Iran-Iraq War Can Teach U.S. Officials

    Tehran’s need for an external enemy to prop up the regime

  • January 01, 2012|Ali AlfonehMiddle East Quarterly

    Iran's Revolutionary Guards Strike Oil

    The IRGC is handed another key ministry post

  • June 01, 2011|Ali AlfonehMiddle East Quarterly

    Mixed Response in Iran

    Both regime and opposition take heart from the Arab uprisings

  • March 01, 2011|Ali AlfonehMiddle East Quarterly

    All Ahmadinejad's Men

    Can the Iranian president's patronage system thwart the supreme leader?

  • January 01, 2011|Ali AlfonehMiddle East Quarterly

    Khamene'i's Balancing Act

    As sanctions bite, Iran's Supreme Leader seeks to assert his authority

  • July 21, 2009|Ali AlfonehMEF Wire

    The Situation of Post Election Iran

    Ali Alfoneh is a visiting research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. A doctoral candidate in political science at the University of Copenhagen, Alfoneh researches civil-military relations in Iran, with a special focus on the role of the

  • September 01, 2008|Ali AlfonehMiddle East Quarterly

    The Revolutionary Guards' Role in Iranian Politics

    Is the IRGC staging a slow-motion military coup?

  • January 01, 2007|Ali AlfonehMiddle East Quarterly

    Iran's Suicide Brigades

    Training suicide battalions has both domestic and international purposes