• November 17, 2011|Alan

    Juan Cole: Critic of Democracy, Apologist for Tyranny

    Few professors in the controversial world of Middle East studies boast more about their own notoriety than Juan Cole, a man who believes the consistent criticism of his public positions to be a sign of distinction. Yale University's decision...

  • November 21, 2010|Alan JacobsAmerican Thinker

    Bias Expected, Evidence Optional for NYU Professor

    An audience of 40 journalism students and die-hard fans packed the TV studio at New York University's Carter Journalism Institute on Wednesday, November 3. Visibly excited to meet cartoon journalist Joe Sacco after a discussion of his work...

  • November 14, 2010|Alan JacobsAmerican Thinker

    Jewish Theological Seminary Hosts Islamic Triumphalists

    Audience members in the packed Jewish Theological Seminary auditorium just down the block from Columbia University might have been gratified to see hijabs and yarmulkes adorning the heads of Muslims and Jews coming together for interfaith dialogue...