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  • September 14, 2016|Global Patriot Radio

    Infiltrating Islamists and Palestinian Extremism in U.S. Universities

    Transcript Excerpt Paul Sutliff: [Y]ou were talking about San Francisco State University in your article in, I believe it was, July? Cinnamon Stillwell: That's right. PS: What I wanted to ask, and I'd love for you to go into great detail on this: San

  • June 03, 2015|Frances MartelBreitbart

    The Growing Cognitive War Against Israel: A Q&A with Phyllis Chesler

    In her new book, Living History: On the Front Lines for Israel and the Jews 2003-2015, best-selling author, lecturer, columnist and retired psychotherapist Dr. Phyllis Chesler explores the growth of the anti-Israel campus movement and the alliance of