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Why Eastern Syria Matters to Everyone in the Middle East The Jerusalem Post December 31, 2018
Time to Remember the Forgotten Jihadist Beheader in Oklahoma Now Cleared for Execution The Federalist December 31, 2018
The Challenge of Working at MEF News from the Middle East Forum December 30, 2018
The Falsehoods That Drive 'Open Borders' Theory PJ Media December 29, 2018
Syrian Regime, Turkey, Maneuver to Take Key Syrian City as U.S. Withdraws Jerusalem Post December 29, 2018
Trump's Rubicon moment in Iraq: Praising America's 'warriors,' ending wars The Jerusalem Post December 27, 2018
A Year of Tyranny and Murder The Jerusalem Post December 27, 2018
Turkey and EU: Can this Marriage be Saved? Gatestone Institute December 27, 2018
Tectonic Shifts in Attitudes toward Israel The Washington Times December 27, 2018
US Pullout from Syria: Who Will Fill the Vacuum? Gatestone Institute December 26, 2018
Analysis: Airstrike in Damascus an Embarrassment for Syrian Regime at Crucial Time The Jerusalem Post December 26, 2018
Syrian Air Defense Missiles: Everything you need to know The Jerusalem Post December 26, 2018
How Turkey, Iran and Russia Will Try to Agree on Eastern Syria The Jerusalem Post December 25, 2018
If Trump Wants to Divide Jerusalem into Three December 24, 2018
Biased World? Turks Operating in Syria Judged Differently Than Israel The Jerusalem Post December 23, 2018
With U.S. Policy on Syria in Turmoil, Will ISIS Win? The Jerusalem Post December 23, 2018
U.S. Syria Withdrawal 'betrays' legacy of volunteers who died fighting The Jerusalem Post December 23, 2018
Betrayal on the Euphrates December 22, 2018
Fawj Sheikh al-Jabal: Local Defence Forces Unit December 22, 2018
Reflections on How Islamist Lawfare Has Succeeded PJ Media December 21, 2018
Asia Bibi's Case Reveals Islamists' True Colors The American Spectator December 21, 2018
How Russia Defeated America in Syria The Jerusalem Post December 20, 2018
The Great Turkish Brain Drain Gatestone Institute December 19, 2018
Rojava Peshmerga - The Group May be the US's Ticket Out of Syria Crisis The Jerusalem Post December 18, 2018
Qatar's Doha Forum Gives Iran a Platform in Post-ISIS Middle East The Jerusalem Post December 18, 2018
How Did Israel's Enemies Become Experts in Tunnel Warfare? December 18, 2018
Explaining the Trump Doctrine BESA Center December 18, 2018
Iran, Turkey, Russia Threaten Israel in Eastern Mediterranean The Jerusalem Post December 17, 2018
What's Behind Sudanese Presidential Al-Bashar Going to Meet Syria's Assad The Jerusalem Post December 17, 2018
Anatomy of Palestinian Riots and How Israel Works to Prevent Violence The Jerusalem Post December 16, 2018
Supporting Faculty on Israel: Now More Than Ever BESA Center December 16, 2018
Is The Khashoggi Affair Spotlighting Israel? The Jerusalem Post December 13, 2018
Gun Attacks in West Bank Bring Back Memories of Worse to Come The Jerusalem Post December 13, 2018
The New Censorship Tablet Magazine December 12, 2018
U.S. Reaches Out to Turkey to Discuss Eastern Syria The Jerusalem Post December 12, 2018
Strasbourg Attack Fits Previous Model of Criminal-Terror Nexus in Europe The Jerusalem Post December 12, 2018
Killing and Dying for the 'Houris': Islam's Heavenly Whores PJ Media December 12, 2018
Iraqis Celebrate One Year Since Victory Over ISIS The Jerusalem Post December 11, 2018
Naguib Mahfouz and the Nobel Prize: A Blessing or a Curse? The Georgia Review December 11, 2018
The Racial Politics of Antisemitism and Islamophobia The Jerusalem Post December 10, 2018
How MEF Makes a Difference; Your Support Requested News from the Middle East Forum December 10, 2018
Juan Cole Invents a Peaceful Quran American Spectator December 10, 2018
How Iran Turned A 'Counterterror' Meeting Into a Push For New Global Order The Jerusalem Post December 9, 2018
U.N.'s Failure to Condemn Hamas Shows U.S., Israel Have Work Ahead The Jerusalem Post December 7, 2018
Erdoğan: Ideological but Not Suicidal BESA Center December 7, 2018
The Islamic State Research Office's Self-History December 4, 2018
A New Order Emerges in Southern Syria as Assad Regains Control The Jerusalem Post December 2, 2018
Islamist Detained, New York Times Baffled American Spectator November 27, 2018
A New Phase in Israel-Gulf Relations The Jerusalem Post November 26, 2018
Israel and the Yazidis The Jerusalem Post November 26, 2018
World Vision, Come Clean - A Rebuttal November 26, 2018
The Dire Consequences of Rewriting Western-Muslim History The Jerusalem Post November 24, 2018
Islamic State Divided: Competing Theological and Ideological Trends November 23, 2018
Syria, Gaza, Afghanistan: The endless wars The Hill November 20, 2018
The Depths to Which the Oslo Process Has Driven Israel The Algemeiner November 20, 2018
Turkey and US: Conflict Contained, Not Resolved Gatestone Institute November 20, 2018
Columbia University's Center for Palestine Studies: Ramallah on the Hudson The Tower November 19, 2018
How Hamas Brought Israel to the Brink of Election Chaos The National Interest November 16, 2018
Why Erdoğan's Charm Offensive Falls Flat Gatestone Institute November 15, 2018
Trump's Pick for Saudi Ambassador is Expert on Hezbollah and Iran The Jerusalem Post November 15, 2018
In the Middle East, You Win with Fear Israel Hayom November 13, 2018
Hezbollah Recruitment in Eastern Deraa? Middle East Center for Analysis and Reporting November 13, 2018
Ending University Tolerance of Antisemitism The Algemeiner November 13, 2018
A Bloodbath for Christians, No Response from Egypt Gatestone Institute November 11, 2018
Lost in Sudan The Christian Post November 8, 2018
MEF Sentry Radio: News Analysis by Gregg Roman (Ep. 15) MEF Podcast Episode 15
Did CAIR Manage to Censor a Public Library? The American Spectator November 7, 2018
Why Do Middle Eastern Refugees Vandalize Christian Structures? Gatestone Institute November 4, 2018
The Return of ISIS November 2, 2018
Turkey Shells Kobani and Tel Abyad in Eastern Syria. What Are Its Next Moves? Middle East Center for Analysis and Reporting November 2, 2018
In Defense of Europe's 'Far-Right' Parties Washington Times November 1, 2018
Internal Report on Extremism in the Islamic State November 1, 2018
Iran Plot Fallout: Danish Anger Could Divide EU on Iran Sanctions Jerusalem Post November 1, 2018
Iran as a 'Crazy State' New English Review November 1, 2018
Europe's Civilizationist Parties Commentary October 31, 2018
'Free Speech' Crisis Expands as Politicians, Universities, Edge Closer to BDS Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) October 30, 2018
ISIS Counterattacks in Syria Threaten Iraq and US Partners Jerusalem Post October 30, 2018
Before Pittsburgh: The Nine Worst Global Attacks on Jewish Sites Jerusalem Post October 29, 2018
Turkey and Qatar: An Alliance Under the Saudi Sword Gatestone Institute October 29, 2018
Qatar, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban: A Creepy Relationship American Thinker October 28, 2018
Oman Visit Only Latest Point of Support for Israel Jerusalem Post October 28, 2018
The Annihilation of Iraq's Christian Minority Gatestone Institute October 28, 2018
The IDF's Bardelas Battalion and Their Passion to Protect Jerusalem Post October 27, 2018
Leveraging Murder for Political Ambition: The Turkish and Qatari Way Jerusalem Post October 27, 2018
Trump Doesn't Understand How Antisemitism Works. Neither do Most Americans. Washington Post October 27, 2018
Iran's Dangerous Game in Gaza Jerusalem Post October 27, 2018
Georgetown Panel on 'Islamophobia' Glosses Over Hard Truths The American Spectator October 25, 2018
To Atone for Khashoggi's Death, Saudi Arabia Should Stop Persecuting Dissidents The Federalist October 24, 2018
It's Time to Prosecute Terror Finance Again The Daily Caller October 24, 2018
The Whitewashing of Jamal Khashoggi, Friend of Osama Bin Laden Jewish News Syndicate October 23, 2018
Eternal Jihad: Islam Will Never, Ever Stop American Thinker October 23, 2018
CAIR Calls for Inclusion, Except for Critics The Algemeiner October 22, 2018
Why Are US Academics Attending a Conference Led by a Terror Supporter in Erdogan's Turkey? The Tower October 22, 2018
American Islamic Group Preaches Tolerance but Doesn't Practice It The Algemeiner October 22, 2018
Is Israel's Position in Region as Secure as It Looks? Jerusalem Post October 22, 2018
Normalizing Anti-Semitism in the US The Jewish Press October 21, 2018
Report: Iran Sent Advanced Technology to Improve Hezbollah Rockets Jerusalem Post October 20, 2018
How Do You Acknowledge a Woman You Can't See? Tablet Magazine October 19, 2018
Life in Gaza: Stores Full, Pockets Empty Jerusalem Post October 18, 2018
Major Escalation as Gaza Calculates Conflict with Israel Jerusalem Post October 17, 2018
Reign of Terror in Saudi Arabia Toronto Sun October 16, 2018
A Missing Journalist Has Created a Window of Opportunity National Interest October 15, 2018
"Genocide Against Christians" Gatestone Institute October 14, 2018
President Trump, Tell the Palestinians: No Negotiations Without Recognition of Jewish Self... BESA Center Perspectives Paper October 14, 2018
Detained U.S. Pastor Wins Day in Court in Turkey Jerusalem Post October 12, 2018
As US Cuts funding, UNRWA Employees Forced to Flee Gaza Washington Examiner October 11, 2018
Turkey's Revolution Looks like Iran's - but in Slow Motion Gatestone Institute October 10, 2018
Pakistan: Death or Life for Christian "Blasphemer"? Gatestone Institute October 10, 2018
Middle East Divided on Nikki Haley's Legacy Jerusalem Post October 10, 2018
Washington Conference Debates the Pros and Cons of Trump's Israel Strategy The Algemeiner October 10, 2018
'Curse the Jews,' Yemen's Houthi Rebel Slogan Handed out at University Jerusalem Post October 10, 2018
Turkey's Syrian Quagmire BESA Center Perspectives Paper October 10, 2018
Why Do Middle East Studies Academics Want to Hide ISIS Documents? History News Network October 8, 2018
For Merkel, Israel's Security Is Negotiable Jewish News Syndicate October 8, 2018
Washington's Silent War against Hezbollah in Latin America The Hill October 8, 2018
Nobel Peace Prize Shines Light on Foible amid Plaudits Jerusalem Post October 7, 2018
Iran's Idea of Human Rights: Persecute Christians Gatestone Institute October 7, 2018
Too Many Agendas in Gaza Preventing Quiet Jerusalem Post October 6, 2018
Austria Ignores Threat of Iranian Islamism The American Spectator October 5, 2018
New York's Disastrous Grant for Organizations Linked to Islamic Extremism The Daily Caller October 5, 2018
Iran's Imploding Strategy Jerusalem Post October 5, 2018
Iraq Has A New Government. Now What? Jerusalem Post October 4, 2018
Israel's War with Iran Is Inevitable Jerusalem Post October 4, 2018
US Foreign Policy Establishment Still Has No Answers on Mideast Peace The Algemeiner October 4, 2018
Erdoğan Visit Highlights Germany's Turkey/Russia Problem Gatestone Institute October 3, 2018
In the Name of Peace, It Is Time to Accept Israel's Possession of the Golan Heights The Telegraph October 2, 2018
Kurdistan Region in Iraq Goes to Polls a Year after Independence Vote Jerusalem Post October 2, 2018
Trump Closes the PLO's Washington Office AMI News Wire October 2, 2018
Iran Strike's Message to Region: "Borders Don't Matter" Jerusalem Post October 1, 2018
Iraqi Women That Defy Islamic Conservatives Keep Getting Murdered Jerusalem Post September 30, 2018
Mr. Kurd: Trump's Kurdish Comments Greeted with Pride Jerusalem Post September 28, 2018
Iran's Twitter Offensive and the UNGA Jerusalem Post September 27, 2018
Islamic State Shifts from Provinces and Governance to Global Insurgency International Peace Institute: Global Observatory September 26, 2018
Turkey-Russia Idlib Agreement: A Lesson for the US The Hill September 26, 2018
Bare-Chested Religious Self-Flagellation Has No Place on Our Streets Toronto Sun September 25, 2018
Bangladeshi Islamists Go to Washington American Spectator September 24, 2018
The West's New Antisemitism Crisis: Why Right Now? BESA Center September 23, 2018
"Al Shabaab Are Now Hunting down the Children in Mogadishu" Gatestone Institute September 23, 2018
Iran Lashes out in Aftermath of Ahvaz Jerusalem Post September 23, 2018
Iran Regime Fears Foreign Support for Minority Groups after Attack Jerusalem Post September 22, 2018
A Year after Referendum, Kurds in Iraq Face Iran and Us Powerbrokers Jerusalem Post September 21, 2018
Has the State Department Finally Given up on Its Palestinian Fantasies? Washington Examiner September 20, 2018
Interview in Syria: Idlib after the Agreement Middle East Center for Analysis and Reporting September 20, 2018
Russia-Turkey Agreement to Prevent Syrian Invasion of Idlib, for Now Jerusalem Post September 20, 2018
Turkish Education: Same Old Religious Obsession, Only Worse Gatestone Institute September 19, 2018
"German and Austrian Media Outrage Me" Washington Times September 18, 2018
PA Expels 20 Families from Clan in Yatta after Deadly Gun Battle September 18, 2018
What Does Russia's Condemnation of the Syria Strike Mean for Israel? Jerusalem Post September 18, 2018
Rashida Tlaib Is Not Fit for Congress The Daily Caller September 18, 2018
British Anti-ISIS fighter Sentenced in Turkey for "Terrorism" Jerusalem Post September 17, 2018
Iraqis Protest Growing Iranian Influence in the Country Jerusalem Post September 15, 2018
CAIR's Wilfredo Ruiz Pretends Not to be an Antisemite PJ Media September 14, 2018
Rift Between Police, Feds, Allowed New Mexico Terror Compound To Fester The Federalist September 14, 2018
Fool Me Twice: Shame on CAIR American Spectator September 14, 2018
How the U.S. Could Lose Iraq to Creeping Iranian Influence Jerusalem Post September 14, 2018
How I Was Rejected by Facebook - and Won Arutz Sheva: Israel National News September 13, 2018
25 Years Later: the Poisoned Chalice of the Oslo Accords Jerusalem Post September 13, 2018
US to Hold Tehran Responsible for "Proxy" Attacks in Iraq Jerusalem Post September 12, 2018
Charity and Security Network: Useful Idiots or Advocates for Hate? The American Spectator September 11, 2018
'Patriotic Turks' Burn Western Money in Defense of Devalued Lira Sigma Insight Turkey September 10, 2018
Christians Murdered as Punishment "for Disbelief" Gatestone Institute September 9, 2018
Iran's Attack on Kurds Is a Message to Washington, Riyadh and Jerusalem Jerusalem Post September 9, 2018
Syrian War: Uneasy Calm in US-protected Kurdish Enclave The Australian September 8, 2018
Trump's UNRWA Funding Cut Could End the Oslo Accords The Hill September 8, 2018
Iranian Artillery Targets Kurdish Groups in Iraq Jerusalem Post September 8, 2018
The Trump Doctrine and the End of the 'New World Order' Jerusalem Post September 7, 2018
Israel's Secret War Against Iran Is Widening Foreign Policy September 7, 2018
After Years of Abuses, Qatar Alters Asylum and Migrant Laws September 6, 2018
Palestinians, You Don't Have to Live Like a Refugee Wall Street Journal September 6, 2018
Ungovernable Iraq: Baghdad Can't Form a Government Months after Election Jerusalem Post September 5, 2018
The US-Turkey Diplomatic Crisis The Algemeiner September 4, 2018
This Is How America Will Revise Its Approach to Iran The National Interest September 3, 2018
Qatar, the 'Israel Lobby,' and the Secret List of 250 with Influence Jerusalem Post September 3, 2018
Iran's Power Play Shows Depth of Missile Threat Jerusalem Post September 2, 2018
Netanyahu is Tragically Right – the World Fails to Protect the Weak Jerusalem Post September 2, 2018
Moscow Faces Challenges Brokering Battle Talks with Turkey in Syria Jerusalem Post September 1, 2018
Is Washington Scrambling To Prevent Iran-Backed Parties From Forming Iraq's New Government? Tzarizm September 1, 2018
Brief Reviews Middle East Quarterly Fall 2018
Words Are Weapons: Inside ISIS's Rhetoric of Terror Middle East Quarterly Fall 2018
Jews, France, and Orientalism Middle East Quarterly Fall 2018
Middle Eastern Interventions in Africa: Did Nasser Have a Hand in Dag Hammarskjöld's Death? Middle East Quarterly Fall 2018
Middle Eastern Interventions in Africa: Tehran's Extensive Soft Power Middle East Quarterly Fall 2018
Israel 25 Years after the Oslo Accords: Why Israelis Shy from Victory Middle East Quarterly Fall 2018
Israel 25 Years after the Oslo Accords: Why Did Rabin Fall for Them? Middle East Quarterly Fall 2018
'Sword and Scimitar' Offers In-Depth Study of Landmark Battles Between Islam and the West August 31, 2018
Yazidi Genocide Survivors Say ISIS Supporters Returning to Northern Iraq Jerusalem Post August 30, 2018
Erdoğan's Dilemma Jerusalem Post August 30, 2018
Lebanese Report: Syrian Officials Met with U.S. in June Jerusalem Post August 28, 2018
Kurds Who Fought ISIS Now Hunted by Iran's Regime Jerusalem Post August 28, 2018
'False Flags': War of Words over 'Chemical Weapon Attack' in Idlib Jerusalem Post August 27, 2018
Syrian Regime Cracks down on Former Rebel Areas near Golan Jerusalem Post August 26, 2018
Abadi Tries to Strong-Arm the PMU, but Why the Sudden Janus-Face? Tzarim August 25, 2018
Trump's Fake Allies in the Gulf Gatestone Institute August 24, 2018
Where Is the US-Turkey Crisis Headed? Jerusalem Post August 24, 2018
CAIR in the Classroom: Islamist Group Partnering with Public Schools The Algemeiner August 23, 2018
In Syria, It's Either Reconciliation or Annexation The American Spectator August 23, 2018
When a Nazi Comparison Makes Sense: The BDS Movement Against Israel The Hill August 22, 2018
Rape-Grooming Gangs in the UK: Support Victims, Get Threats The Daily Caller August 21, 2018
Islamic Society of North America's Extremist Price of Admission Jewish News Syndicate August 21, 2018
A Unique Regional Opportunity to Confront Iran on Various Fronts Jerusalem Post August 21, 2018
Qatar Seeks Role in Negotiations Between Israel and Hamas Jerusalem Post August 20, 2018
Can Pompeo's Iran Action Group Deliver What Trump Promised? Jerusalem Post August 18, 2018
On Developing a Coherent US Regional Strategy Towards Iran, and Iran's Likely Response JISS August 17, 2018
After ISIS: How They Won Even Though They Were Defeated Jerusalem Post August 15, 2018
US Defense Bill Could Force Al Jazeera to Register as Foreign Agent Jerusalem Post August 15, 2018
John Esposito: What Everyone Needs to Know The Algemeiner August 15, 2018
The Future of Eastern Syria and the Israeli Interest Jerusalem Post August 15, 2018
Hungary: Not "Submitting to Islam" August 14, 2018
Congress's NDAA Gave Trump a Green Light to Confront Iran Jerusalem Post August 14, 2018
Burka Brawl: Britain Finally Standing Up to Islamism? The American Spectator August 13, 2018
Socialists Back Islamist-Linked Muslim Candidates in Michigan Primaries The Federalist August 13, 2018
Author of Muslim Bigotry Report Is a Noted Bigot and Antisemite The Algemeiner August 13, 2018
'Boris, Speak for England!' The Daily Caller August 13, 2018
Assad Launches Idlib Offensive Against Rebels Jerusalem Post August 12, 2018
Turkey's Neighborhood Bullies Gatestone Institute August 12, 2018
Trump Should Release Secret Report on the True Number of Palestinian Refugees Washington Examiner August 12, 2018
Three Kurdish Groups in Iran Are Now Fighting the IRGC Jerusalem Post August 12, 2018
To the Brink of War: How Hamas and Israel Got Here Jerusalem Post August 9, 2018
Good Riddance to Our Ties with Saudi Arabia Toronto Sun August 7, 2018
Saudi Arabia and Canada: Why Is the Kingdom Losing Support in the West? Jerusalem Post August 6, 2018
Toronto Mosque Sermon Calls on Allah to Slay Non-Muslims 'One-By-One' Toronto Sun August 5, 2018
Be Cursed Forever: Extremist Persecution of Christians, January 2018 Gatestone Institute August 5, 2018
Anticipating Israel's Nationality Law Jerusalem Post August 5, 2018
The Druze, the Balance, and Israel's Unbalanced Right Jerusalem Post August 5, 2018
Operation Roundup: The Final Battle with ISIS Enters Last Phase in Syria Jerusalem Post August 4, 2018
Europe's Most Important Politicians in 2018 (so Far) The Washington Times August 1, 2018
BDS Advocates Try to Split Jewish Community from Israel The Algemeiner August 1, 2018
Syrian Activists: 'Ahed Tamimi Lucky Not to Be Imprisoned by Assad Regime' Jerusalem Post July 31, 2018
Are All Cultures Equally Good? Minding The Campus July 30, 2018
Terror Charities Reap the Benefits of Corporate Donations The American Spectator July 30, 2018
Turkey's Child Brides Gatestone Institute July 30, 2018
The Dhimmi in the Mirror PJ Media July 30, 2018
Whitewashing Far-Right Parties in the Middle East Jerusalem Post July 30, 2018
Turkey: New System, Old One-Man Show BESA Center July 30, 2018
Obama, Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood, and American Aid Money Jerusalem Post July 29, 2018
Can Keith Ellison Enforce the Law Without Bias? The American Spectator July 26, 2018
Turkey Makes Its Mark on the World Cup: The 2018 Turkish Election Results Explained Sigma Insight Turkey July 25, 2018
Exclusive: Obama Administration Knowingly Funded a Designated Al-Qaeda Affiliate National Review Online July 25, 2018
Did Someone Say 'An Apartheid State'? Sigma Insight Turkey July 24, 2018
Party of One: Even the Arabs Are Sick of Erdoğan Gatestone Institute July 23, 2018
David's Sling and the Regime's New Normal Jerusalem Post July 23, 2018
Egypt's Islamized 'Hippocratic Oath' Pajamas Media July 19, 2018
Time to Rethink Our Attitudes to Middle East Refugees Tablet July 18, 2018
What, If Anything, Did Trump and Putin Agree on in Helsinki? Jerusalem Post July 17, 2018
Refugees and the Iranian Threat: Crisis in the Golan Creates Instability Jerusalem Post July 14, 2018
Is Southern Syria Heading For 'Lebanonization'? Jerusalem Post July 12, 2018
Turkey Is Building Islamist Beachheads in America The Daily Caller July 10, 2018
The Palace Party: Turkey's New Journey Sigma Insight Turkey July 10, 2018
After ISIS, Secrets of Jewish Mosul Emerge from the Rubble The Forward July 9, 2018
Syrian Peace Deal Won't Bring Peace for Israel Jerusalem Post July 7, 2018
The BNP Runs for Office in America The Asian Age July 6, 2018
Iranian Kurds Increase Campaign Against Tehran Jerusalem Post July 6, 2018
Oslo Is Obsolete: Time for a Victory Mindset Jerusalem Post July 6, 2018
Muslim Immigration and France's Jewish Community Jewish Policy Center July 5, 2018
'The Jewish Voice for Palestine': Review of Jewish Voice for Peace's 'On Anti-Semitism' The Tower July 5, 2018
Can Lindsey Graham Save U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East? Jerusalem Post July 4, 2018
BDS: Connections to Terror and Poisoning Jewish Youth The Algemeiner July 3, 2018
Islamist Groups to Receive Canadian 'Multiculturalism' Funds Toronto Sun July 3, 2018
Israel Victory Gains Strength Israel Hayom July 3, 2018
Jewish West Bank Communities: The Kernel of a Tolerant Palestinian State BESA Center Perspectives July 3, 2018
Islamic Relief Is a Cog in a Dangerous Machine The National (UAE) July 3, 2018
Poland's Muslim Ban Washington Times July 1, 2018
Juan Cole: Shameless Opportunist New English Review June 30, 2018
Tens of Thousands of Refugees Fleeing Southern Syria Offensive Jerusalem Post June 29, 2018
What Pnina Peri Tells Us About Israel Studies American Spectator June 29, 2018
Post-Election Turkey: The Birth of an Islamist-Nationalist Alliance BESA Center Perspectives June 29, 2018
Why Don't Europeans Get It? Jerusalem Post June 25, 2018
Thoughts On Southern Syria Syria Comment June 24, 2018
ZOA Needs To Come Clean About Qatari Cash The Forward June 24, 2018
The Humble Beginnings of the Reconquest of Spain National Review June 23, 2018
End The Palestinian Diplomatic Offensive Against Israel American Spectator June 21, 2018
Turkey: Erdoğan's "Holy War" Obsession Gatestone Institute June 20, 2018
Ending The 'Theater of the Absurd' At The UNHRC The Hill June 20, 2018
Islamic Relief: Charity, Extremism & Terror June 20, 2018
Moderate Islam Falters in the Face of Silicon Valley Censorship National Review Online June 18, 2018
The Arab Spring Is Still Transforming The Middle East The Hill June 18, 2018
Turkey: Election Time Again BESA Center Perspectives June 17, 2018
Kuwait Seizes the Palestinian Cause Jerusalem Post June 16, 2018
Egypt Tries To Reconcile 'Coptic' Churches To Non-Existence June 16, 2018
What Justice Demands FrontPage Magazine June 15, 2018
CAIR Denies Condemning Anti-Semitism Rabwah Times June 12, 2018
MESA Opposes Anti-Semitism Awareness Act: No Surprise Jewish News Syndicate June 11, 2018
Zionists Need Not Apply to San Francisco State University? The Algemeiner June 8, 2018
Liberalism In The Middle East: An Irreversible Trend World Affairs Journal June 6, 2018
Turkey's Tactical Bear Hug with Russia BESA Center Perspectives June 3, 2018
It's Not Gaza's Economy, Stupid Jerusalem Post June 3, 2018
Eastern Christians Find Common Language On Israel Trip Jerusalem Post June 3, 2018
Iraq After The Chaos Of ISIS Jerusalem Post June 2, 2018
Iran's Response: The 'Strategy Of Tension' Jerusalem Post June 1, 2018
Brief Reviews Middle East Quarterly Summer 2018
The West's Role in the Shah's Overthrow Middle East Quarterly Summer 2018
A Radical Romance with the Palestinians Middle East Quarterly Summer 2018
Turkey Turns On Its Christians Middle East Quarterly Summer 2018
Revisiting the U.S. Role in Three Middle East Crises Middle East Quarterly Summer 2018
The Privileged Palestinian "Refugees" Middle East Quarterly Summer 2018
As Iran and Assad move in southern Syria, US and Russia must discuss response The Hill May 31, 2018
Palestinians hoisted by their own petard Jewish News Syndicate May 30, 2018
Turkey and Israel: From Loveless to Fracas Gatestone Institute May 29, 2018
A Liberal Agrees with Trump on the Iran Deal Telos May 29, 2018
Six Sides to the Southern Syria Crisis Jerusalem Post May 29, 2018
The Rise of Islamic Antisemitism in Canada Gatestone Institute May 26, 2018
The Folly of Proportionate Warfare American Spectator May 25, 2018
Game on: The New Strategy of the US and its allies in the Middle East Jerusalem Post May 24, 2018
Ongoing Protests in Iran: Wider Unrest? Jerusalem Post May 24, 2018
Zionism and the Wedge Between US and Israeli Jews BESA Center May 24, 2018
New Developments in Suicide Attacks Jihad Watch May 24, 2018
Putin's Endgame in Syria Has Arrived Foreign Policy May 24, 2018
France's Hypocrisy on Israel and International Law PJ Media May 23, 2018
A Tour of Abu Dis: A Proposed Capital of a Future Palestinian State Jerusalem Post May 23, 2018
Nashville's Jewish Community Schadenfreude Jewish News Syndicate May 23, 2018
The Populist Revolt Reaches Iraq World Affairs Journal May 22, 2018
Five Takeaways From Pompeo's Iran Speech Jerusalem Post May 22, 2018
Reconciliation in Syria: The case of Beit Jann Middle East Center for Analysis and Reporting May 22, 2018
The True Commander in Tweet The Hill May 19, 2018
A symphony of destruction on the Golan Jerusalem Post May 19, 2018
Don't Work with the Southern Poverty Law Center The Tennessee Star May 18, 2018
What did the 'Great March of Return' Accomplish? Jerusalem Post May 17, 2018
Interview with an AKP Candidate Jerusalem Post May 16, 2018
Western celebrities, Israel and Inferiority Complexes Jerusalem Post May 16, 2018
Terrorists not defaming Islam, but attempting to observe it The Australian May 16, 2018
Enjoy the Jerusalem Embassy — But Don't Get Giddy National Review May 15, 2018
Hezbollah Wins in Lebanon – Sort Of World Affairs Journal May 15, 2018
Victory Is Key For Israel Jewish News Syndicate May 14, 2018
Iran in Syria: "Cognitive Empathy" and Interests Syria Comment May 13, 2018
Recognizing Jerusalem is in America's National Interest Jerusalem Post May 13, 2018
Whoever you vote for – Hezbollah Wins Jerusalem Post May 11, 2018
The Waiting Period The Australian May 11, 2018
Turkey's Elections: But Who Counts the Votes? Gatestone Institute May 9, 2018
Lebanon's Elections: Hezbollah Triumphant? The Jerusalem Post May 8, 2018
Russia In A Bind Amid Iran-Israeli Tensions Tsarizm May 7, 2018
Iran's Missile Threat To Israel Jerusalem Post May 7, 2018
An asylum-seeker who needs to be deported American Thinker May 7, 2018
Islamists With Ties To Terror Lobby Congress FrontPage Magazine May 4, 2018
Erdoğan's World of Terrorists Includes Everyone but Terrorists Gatestone Institute May 3, 2018
The Unsung Heroes of the War Against ISIS in Syria Jerusalem Post May 2, 2018
Any North Korea nuclear deal must involve Iran's nuclear program The Hill May 2, 2018
Washington-Area Mosque Fails to Conceal Continued Misogyny American Spectator May 1, 2018
Iran Wants To Retaliate Against Israel, But How? Jerusalem Post April 30, 2018
Who Was Behind The Massive Explosion In Syria? Jerusalem Post April 30, 2018
Who are Iran's 80,000 'Shi'ite' Fighters in Syria? Jerusalem Post April 28, 2018
Islamists Gather for Annual 'Pearls of the Qur'an' Conference American Spectator April 27, 2018
Erdoğan vs. the Free Press BESA Center April 27, 2018
"Islamophobic" Cartoons from the Arab World April 26, 2018
Hollywood Botches Beirut World Affairs Journal April 26, 2018
Is Qatar Pushing Hamas Towards The "Deal Of The Century"? April 25, 2018
The Palestinians' Kite Jihad The Algemeiner April 24, 2018
Let Turkish Scholars Speak: See What Islamism Is About Gatestone Institute April 18, 2018
The Looming Cloud of Conflict with Iran The Hill April 18, 2018
The Future of Israel Looks Good JISS April 18, 2018
Syria: The Largest (and Most Important) Conflict of the 21st Century The National Interest April 16, 2018
Honor Killing Is Not Just a Muslim Problem Tablet Magazine April 16, 2018
How Harry Truman Crossed His Own State Department to Recognize Israel Mosaic April 16, 2018
The Great Distraction of Punitive Airstrikes The New Republic April 15, 2018
The Rise of Western Civilizationism The Australian April 14, 2018
Erdogan's Shadow Army Jerusalem Post April 13, 2018
The Case for Bombing Assad World Affairs Journal April 12, 2018
Can Israel Thread The Diplomatic Needle On Syria? Jerusalem Post April 10, 2018
Fear and Loathing at DC's 'Israel Lobby' Conference New English Review April 6, 2018
Deobandi Cleric: Beat Your Wife, But Lightly Rabwah Times April 6, 2018
A Historic Step in Austria? The Washington Times April 4, 2018
Who weeps for Palestine? Toronto Sun April 3, 2018
Danger Ahead if the U.S. Withdraws from Syria The Jerusalem Post April 2, 2018
The Sinai Bedouins: An Enemy of Egypt's Own Making Stratfor April 1, 2018
Brandeis Professors' Textbook Attacks Israel Under the Mantle of Objectivity New English Review April 1, 2018
ICNA-MAS in Baltimore: A Meeting of Islamist Minds American Spectator March 30, 2018
The Sultan's Pleasure: Turkey Expands its Operations in Syria and Iraq The Jerusalem Post March 30, 2018
The Real Reason That Palestinians In Gaza Are Marching The Forward March 29, 2018
Anti-Muslim Bigotry Enables Islamists Toronto Sun March 28, 2018
Why Palestinians Need an Israel Victory The Australian March 24, 2018
Turkey's Syrian Battleground BESA Center March 21, 2018
What Will Middle East Studies Do without Alwaleed bin Talal? The Jerusalem Post March 21, 2018
What a Crown Prince Wants The New Republic March 20, 2018
The Saudi Arabia-Middle East Studies Love Affair Is Over New English Review March 19, 2018
Erdogan's Unrequited Arab Love Gatestone Institute March 18, 2018
Pompeo's challenge: After Tillerson, a consistent US policy in the Middle East The Hill March 16, 2018
Iran's Role in the Boycott Israel Campaign The National Interest March 15, 2018
Islamist Groups Protest Counter-Extremism Programs — No Surprise March 14, 2018
Reframing the Middle Eastern and Palestinian Refugee Crises The Algemeiner March 14, 2018
Reframing the Middle Eastern and Palestinian Refugee Crises BESA Center March 13, 2018
Islam's 'Slow Motion' Genocide of Christians FrontPage Magazine March 12, 2018
America Shouldn't Accept 'Illiberal Democracy' in the Middle East Washington Examiner March 10, 2018
How America reached a 'What do you expect us to do' foreign policy The Hill March 9, 2018
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