Writings by Mark Durie

Middle East Forum Blog
Title Publication Date
What to Tell Would-be Jihadis Markdurie.com August 12, 2016
Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God? Markdurie.com January 23, 2016
Open Letter to President Obama about Christmas Bells in the Middle East Markdurie.com December 27, 2015
Is the West Indebted to Islam? Quadrant December 10, 2015
Love and Truth in the War against ISIS Lapido Media November 20, 2015
Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
Why the Qur'an Urges Violence The Interface Institute June 8, 2019
Ishmael is Not the Father of the Arabs Markdurie.com March 6, 2019
Terrorists not defaming Islam, but attempting to observe it The Australian May 16, 2018
Saudi-Exported Koran Fuels Islamic Extremism Quadrant November 2, 2017
The Myth of the Extremist The Spectator (Australia) June 17, 2017
Muslim Aversion to Non-Muslim Rule and the Jakarta Riots The New English Review November 2016
It's not Personal, It's Islam The Spectator July 2, 2016
Obama Doesn't Understand Jihadist Doctrine The Washington Examiner June 30, 2016
An Australian Minister's Misconceptions about Islam and Christianity The Australian January 1, 2016
Is Islam a Religion of Peace? Independent Journal Review December 16, 2015
The Paris Attacks Were Not 'Nihilism' but Sacred Strategy Lapido Media November 16, 2015
Sex Slavery and the Islamic State On Line Opinion July 3, 2015
Challenging Islam's License to Kill FrontPage Magazine March 25, 2015
Hatred as an Article of Faith Quadrant February 23, 2015
One Hundred Years of Jihad in Australia Markdurie.com January 1, 2015
Jihadi Islam: A Response to John Azumah Fulcrum September 30, 2014
Muslims Need Truth and Love Eternity September 26, 2014
Complexity, Truth and the Islamic State: a Response to John Azumah and Colin Chapman markdurie.com September 5, 2014
How Dissimulation about Islam is Fuelling Genocide in the Middle East Lapido Media August 12, 2014
The Koran and Child Marriage markdurie.com June 14, 2014
Boko Haram and the Dynamics of Denial Frontpage Magazine May 15, 2014
Tony Blair on the Islamist Threat Frontpage Magazine May 1, 2014
The Rising Sex Traffic in Forced Islamic Marriage Quadrant Online March 2014
Multiculturalism's Child Brides Quadrant Online February 26, 2014
Islam's Second Crisis: The troubles to come markdurie.com February 13, 2014
Jihad: A harvest of bitter destruction continues to escalate World Magazine October 2, 2013
Violence and Context in Islamic Texts Gatestone Institute June 20, 2013
Salafis and the Muslim Brotherhood: What is the difference? June 6, 2013
Islamophobia Comes to Canberra Gatestone Institute May 31, 2013
Wilders in Australia and the "Islamic Problem" - Part II May 29, 2013
The Woolwich Killing: "We must fight them as they fight us." May 22, 2013
Wilders in Australia and the "Islamic Problem" - Part I March 14, 2013
'Insider Killings' in Afghanistan FrontPageMagazine.com August 24, 2012
The Ramadan Olympics and Islam's "Law of Necessity" Gatestone Institute July 30, 2012
Islam's Tradition of Breaking the Cross Stonegate Institute March 9, 2012
MEF in the Media
Title Publication Date
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation: Free Speech Implications of a Proposed Ban on "Islamophobia" Hudson Institute January 17, 2014
Audio, Video and Transcripts
Title Publication Date
Muslims in the West: Loyal to Whom? MEF Wire January 18, 2012
Muslims in the West: Loyal to Whom? MEF Wire January 20, 2011
Book Title Publication Date
A Guide to Refuting Jihadism: Critiquing Radical Islamist Claims to Theological Authenticity
by Rashad Ali and Hannah Stuart
Lapido Media February 4, 2014