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Title Publication Date
No News in Republican and Democratic Views of Israel National Review Online January 31, 2018
Trump's Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital – What Does It Mean? BESA Center Online Debate December 11, 2017
Another Academic Mangling of My Views on Islam Danielpipes.org August 5, 2017
Churchill, Hitler, and Islam National Review Online July 24, 2017
The Six-Day War: Personal Recollections Danielpipes.org June 5, 2017
No to Bombing Syria National Review Online April 7, 2017
Historians Run Amok National Review Online April 4, 2017
I Attended a Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra Concert National Review Online March 10, 2017
Erdoğan to Me: Stay Out of Turkey National Review Online February 22, 2017
What Rex Tillerson Thinks National Review Online January 7, 2017
UK Internet Provider O2 Blocks Me Danielpipes.org November 13, 2016
CAIR Leader: Overthrow the U.S. Government National Review Online November 11, 2016
The SPLC Finds Niqabs and Kippahs Equally Threatening National Review Online November 4, 2016
The Mundane Origins of Germany's Huge Turkish Population National Review Online October 30, 2016
ISIS Imposes a Partial Ban on Burqas National Review Online September 13, 2016
Two Opposing Views of the Islamist Threat National Review Online August 26, 2016
Parsi vs Daioleslam: Correcting the Record Danielpipes.org August 23, 2016
The 11th Encyclopædia Britannica on Who Is a Palestinian Danielpipes.org July 31, 2016
Academics Who Fabricate: This Time, It's about Canary Mission Danielpipes.org July 31, 2016
Is Islamism Doomed? June 23, 2016
The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act is Sham Legislation May 28, 2016
Finally Getting Serious about Identifying Islamists? National Review Online May 23, 2016
2015's Hits at DanielPipes.org Danielpipes.org January 15, 2016
Paris' Eerily Familiar 1930s Immigrant Problem National Review Online January 3, 2016
ISIS' Imminent Demise National Review Online December 5, 2015
Will Turks Accept the Election Results? National Review Online November 3, 2015
Will Erdoğan Rig Turkey's Election? Danielpipes.org October 29, 2015
The One-Minute Guide to Obama's Foreign Policy National Review Online October 13, 2015
Should Israel Criminalize Insulting Muslims? Israel Hayom July 28, 2015
On Turkey's Fraudulent Election Tomorrow June 6, 2015
Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
How China Disrupts the Middle East The Washington Times September 11, 2019
How Trump Put Netanyahu in an Untenable Position The Washington Post August 16, 2019
Outrageous Covers at a Saudi Book Fair Danielpipes.org August 12, 2019
Yes to Nationalism, No to Imperialism The Washington Times August 4, 2019
Poll: Israelis Find the Security Establishment "Too Timid" The Jerusalem Post July 23, 2019
The Demon in Liberalism The Washington Times July 14, 2019
Istanbul's Election Puzzle The Washington Times June 25, 2019
Italy at the Crossroads The Washington Times June 18, 2019
Making Sense of Palestinian Logic National Review Online May 4, 2019
More Academic Malfeasance Gatestone Institute April 22, 2019
Anticipating Trump's "Deal of the Century" Washington Times April 9, 2019
Europe's Anti-Immigration Left The Washington Times March 7, 2019
Examining Qatar's Influence danielpipes.org January 30, 2019
Europe's Jews vs Israel Israel Hayom January 27, 2019
Trump's Mideast 'Deal of the Century' May Be a Raw One for Israel The Wall Street Journal January 24, 2019
The Middle East Forum at 25: Failure and Success The Jerusalem Post January 24, 2019
The Challenge of Working at MEF News from the Middle East Forum December 30, 2018
Tectonic Shifts in Attitudes toward Israel The Washington Times December 27, 2018
If Trump Wants to Divide Jerusalem into Three danielpipes.org December 24, 2018
How MEF Makes a Difference; Your Support Requested News from the Middle East Forum December 10, 2018
In Defense of Europe's 'Far-Right' Parties Washington Times November 1, 2018
Europe's Civilizationist Parties Commentary October 31, 2018
"German and Austrian Media Outrage Me" Washington Times September 18, 2018
Israel 25 Years after the Oslo Accords: Why Israelis Shy from Victory Middle East Quarterly Fall 2018
Hungary: Not "Submitting to Islam" danielpipes.org August 14, 2018
Europe's Most Important Politicians in 2018 (so Far) The Washington Times August 1, 2018
Israel Victory Gains Strength Israel Hayom July 3, 2018
Poland's Muslim Ban Washington Times July 1, 2018
Enjoy the Jerusalem Embassy — But Don't Get Giddy National Review May 15, 2018
The Rise of Western Civilizationism The Australian April 14, 2018
A Historic Step in Austria? The Washington Times April 4, 2018
Why Palestinians Need an Israel Victory The Australian March 24, 2018
Islamic London: "Run, Hide, Tell" Gatestone Institute February 5, 2018
Why the U.S.-Israel Honeymoon May Not Last Much Longer The Washington Times February 5, 2018
Will Arabs and Muslims Never Accept Israel as the Jewish State? Israel Hayom February 2, 2018
99 Percent of "Palestine Refugees" Are Fake The Washington Times January 10, 2018
Dhimmis No More: Christians' Trauma in the Middle East The Future of Religious Minorities in the Middle East January 2018
The Dubai Miracle Has Become Real The Washington Times December 7, 2017
Accepting Europe's Anti-Immigration Parties The Washington Times November 30, 2017
Why Palestinian Delusions Persist Israel Hayom November 13, 2017
Italy's Apocalypse The Washington Times November 2, 2017
Saving NATO from Turkey The Washington Times October 17, 2017
I Taught NATO to Stand Up to a Dictator National Review Online September 21, 2017
Illegal Migrant Problem? Greece Offers a Solution The Washington Times September 12, 2017
Iran vs. Turkey, the Mideast's Perpetual Rivalry The Washington Times August 23, 2017
The Most Embarrassingly Wrong Book Ever on the Middle East? The Washington Times August 9, 2017
Palestinian Rejectionism is Weakening Israel Hayom August 7, 2017
A Palestinian Victory at the Temple Mount The Wall Street Journal July 26, 2017
Another Turkish Ambassador Confronts Me The Gatestone Institute July 18, 2017
Why Islam's Reformers Are Vitally Important The Challenge of Modernizing Islam (New York, 2017) July 17, 2017
Israelis Want Victory The Jerusalem Post July 11, 2017
End the False Israeli-Palestinian Parity Israel Hayom July 5, 2017
What If: Fifty Years After the Six-Day War The Washington Times June 5, 2017
The Paradoxical Peril of Warm U.S.-Israel Relations The Wall Street Journal June 2, 2017
Florida Museum Celebrates the Loss of Historic Church in Fall of Constantinople National Review Online May 29, 2017
Trump's Saudi Speech: Pretty Good National Review Online May 21, 2017
Palestinian Statehood Is Acceptable ... Eventually Arutz Sheva May 21, 2017
Achieving Israel Victory with Martin Sherman Arutz Sheva May 14, 2017
The Erdoğan Enigma The Australian April 22, 2017
Turkey's Vainglorious Referendum The Wall Street Journal April 14, 2017
Breaking the Palestinians' Will to Fight Mosaic April 10, 2017
A Return to the Academy The Washington Times April 5, 2017
What Do Jihadis Want? The Caliphate Global Terrorism: Challenges and Policy Options 2017
Oman: The Middle East's Most Surprising Country The Washington Times March 15, 2017
Jordan at the Precipice The Washington Times March 8, 2017
Smoking Out Islamists via Extreme Vetting Middle East Quarterly Spring 2017
A White House Initiative to Defeat Radical Islam The Washington Times February 20, 2017
Linda Sarsour, The Left's Latest Star The Washington Times February 3, 2017
Fake Scholarship is No Less a Threat than Fake News History News Network January 29, 2017
The Three-Way Option: Arab States, Israel, Palestinians Israel Hayom January 25, 2017
The Way to Peace: Israeli Victory, Palestinian Defeat Commentary January 2017
This Is the Moment for an Israeli Victory National Review Online December 31, 2016
A Palestinian Defeat is Good for All JNS.org December 28, 2016
Two Bullies, Putin and Erdoğan, Try Friendship The Australian December 23, 2016
Trump's Choices in the Middle East The Boston Globe December 8, 2016
Europe's Epochal Elections The Washington Times December 7, 2016
America's Know-Nothing Diplomacy The Washington Times November 9, 2016
Islamist Violence Will Steer Europe's Destiny The Washington Times October 10, 2016
The Middle East Studies Establishment Goes Full Warrior History News Network October 9, 2016
Academic Malfeasance: The Case of Christopher Bail History News Network September 11, 2016
Ban the Burqa, Allow the Burkini The Philadelphia Inquirer August 23, 2016
No Saudi Money for American Mosques The Hill August 22, 2016
What's Trump's Policy on Visas for Muslims? The Washington Times August 17, 2016
End U.S. Aid to Israel Israel Hayom July 26, 2016
Who Will Write France's Future? The Washington Times June 6, 2016
A Middle East Studies Legend Turns 100 National Review Online May 31, 2016
The Left. vs. Israel The Washington Times May 30, 2016
The Saudi Solution The Washington Times May 18, 2016
The Foul Legacy of Sykes-Picot The Washington Times May 9, 2016
ISIS is Collapsing The Miami Herald April 19, 2016
Does Israel Need U.S. Jewish Support? Israel Hayom April 18, 2016
The UAE's Fragile Good Life The Washington Times April 11, 2016
Turkey's Erdoğan Gambles and Loses The Australian March 19, 2016
Iraq's Coming Apocalypse The Washington Times March 13, 2016
India-Mideast Relations Can Swing Either Way Hindustan Times February 24, 2016
Can Egypt and Ethiopia Share the Nile? The Washington Times February 18, 2016
Assessing Obama's Mosque Speech on Islam The Investigative Project on Terrorism February 8, 2016
Identifying Islamists through Interrogations The Washington Times January 12, 2016
Two Weaknesses Could Undo the Islamist Movement The Boston Globe January 4, 2016
Will Dubai's Good Times Last? Asia Times December 31, 2015
The Danger of Partial No-go Zones to Europe The Washington Times December 29, 2015
America's Hidden Jihad The Washington Times December 22, 2015
An Israeli Gas Pipeline to Turkey? Bad Idea National Review Online December 21, 2015
Trump: You Should Ban Islamists, Not Muslims The Washington Times December 11, 2015
Muslim "No-go Zones" in Europe? The Daily Caller December 2, 2015
Why the Paris Massacre Will Have Limited Impact National Review Online November 14, 2015
Ending a Century of Palestinian Rejectionism The Washington Times October 27, 2015
Turkey Is on the Path to Rogue Dictatorship National Review Online October 26, 2015
Erdoğan Leads Turkey to the Precipice The Australian October 17, 2015
Did Turkish Intelligence Green-Light the Ankara Bombing? National Review Online October 12, 2015
A Tiny Silver Lining in the Otherwise Bad Iran Deal The Philadelphia Inquirer September 9, 2015
Middle East Provocations and Predictions The Mackenzie Institute September 9, 2015
Are Muslims Fatalists? Middle East Quarterly Fall 2015
Sweden's Populist Surge The Washington Times August 26, 2015
What If Tehran Turns Down the Nuclear Deal? The Washington Times August 20, 2015
Introduction to "Nothing Abides" July 28, 2015
Interview with Former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren FrontPage Magazine July 20, 2015
How Israel Might Destroy Iran's Nuclear Program National Review Online July 16, 2015
Obama's Iran Deal Has the Makings of a Catastrophe National Review Online July 14, 2015
Turkey's Unimportant Election The Washington Times June 5, 2015
I Give Up: There Is No Terrorism, There Are No Terrorists National Review Online June 2, 2015
That Failed Philadelphia "Islamic Jew-Hatred" Bus Ad The Philadelphia Inquirer May 27, 2015
ISIS Attacks on the West The Washington Times May 22, 2015
What Syrian Chemical Weapons Reveal about Obama Fox News May 19, 2015
The Middle East Runs out of Water The Washington Times May 8, 2015
Decoding the Obama Doctrine The Washington Times April 6, 2015
Why Yemen Matters The Washington Times March 28, 2015
Islam Bulldozes the Past The Washington Times March 20, 2015
Why Politicians Pretend Islam Has No Role in Violence The Washington Times March 9, 2015
What is the Antidote to Radical Islam? National Review Online March 3, 2015
Americans Battle the Arab-Israeli Conflict Middle East Quarterly Spring 2015
Syria's Civil War Could Stabilize Its Region The Washington Times February 26, 2015
Re-remembering Malcom X National Review Online February 21, 2015
What Actually Causes American Fear of Islam and Muslims? National Review Online February 13, 2015
Why the (Toothless) Iran Sanctions Bill Matters The Washington Times February 13, 2015
Can French Troops Protect 'Sensitive Sites' from Next Terror Attack? Israel Hayom February 4, 2015
Does Europe Have No-go Zones? The Blaze January 20, 2015
Is Sisi Islam's Long-Awaited Reformer? The National Review January 19, 2015
In Defense of Europe's So-called Far Right The Washington Times January 19, 2015
How Terrorism Harms Radical Islam The Washington Times January 9, 2015
UCLA's Embarrassment: Prof. Abou El Fadl FrontPage Magazine January 7, 2015
An Arab Prince Denounces Islamism The Washington Times December 10, 2014
Is CAIR a Terror Group? National Review Online November 28, 2014
Sweden's Wishful Thinking on the Mideast The Washington Times November 13, 2014
Terrorism Defies Definition The Washington Times October 24, 2014
ISIS Justifies Its Yazidi Slaves National Review Online October 16, 2014
How Turkey Went Bad The Weekly Standard October 13, 2014
André Carson, Islamist Choice for the House of Representatives National Review Online October 7, 2014
Hunger Growls in Egypt The Washington Times October 6, 2014
Erdoğan Fails to Conquer New York City National Review Online September 23, 2014
The Case for a Unified Kurdistan National Review Online September 16, 2014
There's No Difference between ISIS and ISIL National Review Online September 12, 2014
Hello, Kurdistan The Washington Times September 10, 2014
What Egypt's President Sisi Really Thinks Middle East Quarterly Fall 2014
Basting Turkey's New Prime Minister The Washington Times August 28, 2014
Is CAIR Lying about a Rally for Hamas? The Gatestone Institute August 22, 2014
Lessons of the War in Gaza National Review Online August 9, 2014
Caliph Ibrahim's Brutal Moment The Washington Times August 5, 2014
How Church Attendance Affects American Attitudes toward Israel Israel Hayom August 5, 2014
How Islamic are Muslims? National Review Online July 28, 2014
Don't Put Terrorists on Trial National Review Online July 14, 2014
Why Does Hamas Want War? National Review Online July 11, 2014
Turkey's Support for ISIS Islamist Terrorists The Washington Times June 17, 2014
ISIS Rampages, the Middle East Shakes National Review Online June 12, 2014
A 1914 Novel's Prescient Vision of Londonistan The Washington Times May 28, 2014
Islamism with a Human Face? The Washington Times May 20, 2014
Banned in the British Library National Review Online April 8, 2014
Chris Christie and the "Occupied Territories" Incident National Review Online April 3, 2014
Conservatives Rally on the Streets of Paris National Review Online April 2, 2014
Sisi's Incompetent Anti-Islamist Campaign danielpipes.org March 24, 2014
Islam's Inadvertent Patterns The Washington Times March 10, 2014
Obama's Hollow Promises Abroad The Washington Times February 12, 2014
Jews in Palestine? Israel Hayom February 6, 2014
The Middle East Forum Reaches Twenty Years National Review Online January 24, 2014
The Sick Middle East The Washington Times January 24, 2014
A Century of African-American Islam The Washington Times December 27, 2013
Saudis Bristle at Obama's Outreach to Iran The Washington Times December 3, 2013
Considering Twenty Years of the Middle East MEForum.org November 25, 2013
The JFK Assassination's Continued Importance National Review Online November 22, 2013
The Silver Lining of Obama's Weak America The Washington Times November 12, 2013
Obama Turns on Israel National Review Online November 8, 2013
Cyprus Joins the Middle East The Washington Times November 6, 2013
Muslim Russia? The Washington Times October 21, 2013
Let Refugees Remain in Their Own Culture Zones The Washington Times September 24, 2013
Symposium: The Geopolitics of U.S. Energy Independence International Economy Summer 2012
Scoring the Syria Deal National Review Online September 17, 2013
Forget Syria, Target Iran The Washington Times September 9, 2013
Americans Can and Will Be Energy Independent International Economy Fall 2013
Obama's Foreign Fiasco The Washington Times August 21, 2013
Why Was Enoch Powell Condemned as a Racist and Not Charles de Gaulle? History News Network August 19, 2013
The Right Moment for Israel's Danny Danon? The Washington Times August 5, 2013
Islamism's Likely Doom The Washington Times July 22, 2013
Intricacies of Egypt's Coup d'état Explained National Review Online July 5, 2013
Is Netanyahu Turning Left? The Washington Times July 5, 2013
Egypt after Morsi: Joy and Worry National Post July 4, 2013
Can Islam Be Reformed? Commentary July/August 2013
What Turkey's Riots Mean The Washington Times June 19, 2013
Happy Israel The Washington Times June 5, 2013
When Sunni and Shiite Extremists Make War National Review Online June 5, 2013
The Good News in Turkey Los Angeles Times June 4, 2013
The U.S. Government Compiles a Bibliography The Washington Times May 23, 2013
Islam vs. Islamism The Washington Times May 13, 2013
Education by Murder in Boston The Washington Times April 24, 2013
Support Assad The Washington Times April 11, 2013
Obama to Palestinians: Accept the Jewish State The Washington Times March 26, 2013
Explaining Obama's Fixation with Israel National Review Online March 19, 2013
[Defending Lars Hedegaard:] "A Stew of Anti-Muslim Bile and Conspiracy-Laden Forecasts" FrontPageMagazine.com March 6, 2013
When AIPAC Went AWOL The Washington Times March 4, 2013
Explaining the Denial Middle East Quarterly Spring 2013
Islamist Assassinations in the West Gatestone Institute February 25, 2013
Philadelphia's Burqa Crisis The Washington Times February 21, 2013
Smart University Giving Philanthropy Daily February 12, 2013
Is Turkey Leaving the West? The Washington Times February 6, 2013
Obama's Anti-Zionism The Washington Times January 22, 2013
Using Cold War Tactics to Confront Iran The Washington Times January 9, 2013
What Is the Future of Conservatism in the Wake of the 2012 Election? Commentary January 2013
Talking Turkey National Review Online December 26, 2012
Better Dictators than Elected Islamists The Washington Times December 11, 2012
Gaza's Not the Key, Philadelphi Is National Review Online November 27, 2012
Morsi Could Discredit Muslim Brotherhood Rule The Washington Times November 14, 2012
Turkey's Islamist Turn, 10 Years Later The Wall Street Journal November 13, 2012
A Palestinian in Texas The American Spectator November 2012
Islamism's Unity in Tunisia National Review Online October 30, 2012
Ankara at War National Review Online October 16, 2012
Post-Mortem on the Muhammad Protests National Review Online October 2, 2012
CAIR Can Expel You "For Any Reason" FrontPageMagazine.com October 1, 2012
Foreword: Understanding Female Suicide Bombers The Smarter Bomb, Women and Children as Suicide Bombers October 2012
Mocking Muhammad Is Not Hate Speech FoxNews.com September 24, 2012
MPAC Calls Me an "Expert on Islam" History News Network September 23, 2012
A Muhammad Cartoon a Day FoxNews.com September 21, 2012
Rampaging Islamists The Washington Times September 19, 2012
Another Islamist Assault, Another Western Cringe Boston Herald September 13, 2012
Democrats Fib Again about Israel National Review Online September 11, 2012
Obama's Muslim Childhood The Washington Times September 10-14, 2012
Romney vs. Obama vis-à-vis Israel National Review Online September 4, 2012
Wait Out the War in Syria The Washington Times August 21, 2012
Spy vs. Spy, America vs. Israel National Review Online August 7, 2012
Egypt's Sixty Years of Misery National Review Online July 24, 2012
Egypt's Real Ruler: Mohamed Tantawi The Washington Times July 11, 2012
Lessening UNRWA's Damage The Jerusalem Post July 10, 2012
After an Israeli Strike on Iran The Washington Times June 26, 2012
Stay out of the Syrian Morass The Washington Times June 13, 2012
Count Palestine Refugees? National Review Online May 29, 2012
Uncovering Early Islam National Review Online May 16, 2012
Chris Christie's Islam Problem National Review Online May 1, 2012
Islam's Cartoon Missionaries National Review Online April 17, 2012
It's Not Road Rage, It's Terrorism National Review Online April 3, 2012
Dennis Kucinich, Lefty for Radical Islam Investigative Project on Terrorism March 26, 2012
Israel's Arabs, Living a Paradox The Washington Times March 22, 2012
The Arabs as Seen Fifty Years Ago The Washington Times March 6, 2012
Israel at Peace The Dorchester Review Spring/Summer 2012
"Eventually, All Humans Will Be Palestine Refugees" The Washington Times February 21, 2012
Kastelorizo - Mediterranean Flashpoint? National Review Online February 7, 2012
Don't Ignore Electoral Fraud in Egypt National Review Online January 24, 2012
Ending the Palestinian "Right of Return" National Review Online January 17, 2012
South Sudan, Israel's New Ally The Washington Times January 3, 2012
Tehran holds Obama re-election wild card [in Iraq] The Washington Times December 20, 2011
Egypt's Sham Election National Review Online December 6, 2011
Arabist Snobs National Review Online November 22, 2011
Friendless in the Middle East National Review Online November 8, 2011
Canada's Muslims, Not of One Mind Macdonald-Laurier Institute November 2011
Obama's Misplaced Mideast Optimism National Review Online October 25, 2011
Cyprus on the World Stage National Review Online October 11, 2011
Is Turkey Going Rogue? National Review Online September 27, 2011
In Praise of NYC's Muscular Counterterrorism National Review Online September 13, 2011
Assessing Qaddafi National Review Online August 30, 2011
Obama's Pretend Counterterrorism Policy National Review August 29, 2011
White House Mischief The Washington Times August 16, 2011
Another Islamist Soldier Turns Terrorist in Texas The Washington Times August 2, 2011
[Breivik and] Norway's Terrorism in Context National Review Online July 27, 2011
Empower Iranians vs. Tehran National Review Online July 19, 2011
Middle East Studies in Upheaval National Review Online July 5, 2011
Not Stealing Palestine but Purchasing Israel National Review Online June 21, 2011
The Emptying of Yemen The Washington Times June 7, 2011
Fin de Régime in Syria? National Review Online May 24, 2011
Iraq - A Province of Iran? The Washington Times May 12, 2011
What Is Israel's Next Move In The New Middle East? Moment Magazine May/June 2011
Understanding Post-Mubarak Egypt National Review Online April 26, 2011
Mohammed Bouazizi, Historical Figure National Review Online April 20, 2011
Ambitious Turkey National Review Online April 12, 2011
Should We Blame a Florida Pastor for Deaths in Afghanistan? FoxNews.com April 6, 2011
Four Middle Eastern Upheavals FoxNews.com March 29, 2011
Back to the Shores of Tripoli? National Review Online March 10, 2011
My Optimism about the New Arab Revolt National Review Online March 1, 2011
Egypt's Chance The Washington Times February 15, 2011
Anoush Ehteshami and Democracy in Egypt The Economist February 8, 2011
Islam and Democracy - Much Hard Work Needed National Post February 7, 2011
Why Egypt Will Not Soon Become Democratic The Economist February 4, 2011
Turmoil in Egypt The Washington Times February 1, 2011
Turmoil in Tunisia The Washington Times January 18, 2011
Copts Pay the Price DanielPipes.org January 12, 2011
Is Saudi Arabia Opening Up? National Review Online January 4, 2011
Pouring Cold Water on WikiLeaks National Review Online December 14, 2010
Islamist Turkey vs. Secular Iran? The Washington Times November 30, 2010
Oklahomans Say No to Sharia National Review Online November 16, 2010
Germany's Freiheit Party Joins the Fray National Review Online November 2, 2010
Israel and Congressional Democrats National Review Online October 19, 2010
Dueling Fatwas The Washington Times October 5, 2010
Two Decades of the Rushdie Rules Commentary October 2010
"Rushdie Rules" Reach Florida The Washington Times September 21, 2010
Americans Wake Up to Islamism National Review Online September 7, 2010
Immanuel Kant vs. Israel National Review Online August 17, 2010
Britain's New Export: Islamist Carnage National Review Online August 3, 2010
Turkey in Cyprus vs. Israel in Gaza The Washington Times July 20, 2010
Farrakhan Demands Reparations from Jews National Review Online July 13, 2010
Trust the Palestinian Authority? National Review Online July 6, 2010
Faisal Shahzad, Jihadi, Explains Terrorism National Review Online June 25, 2010
The Left's New Enemy: "Empire" National Review Online June 22, 2010
Islamist Turkey Overreaches National Review Online June 8, 2010
Obama, Israel & American Jews: The Challenge Commentary June 2010
How Islamists Came to Dominate European Islam National Review Online May 25, 2010
Accepting Israel as the Jewish State[: Public Opinion in Four Arab Countries] National Review Online May 11, 2010
Why Would Anyone Want to Blow Up Times Square? National Review Online May 5, 2010
My Peace Plan: An Israeli Victory National Post April 29, 2010
In Europe, Remorse Has Turned to Masochism National Review Online April 27, 2010
The Solace of Poor U.S.-Israel Relations National Review Online April 13, 2010
When Israel Stood Up to Washington [in 1981] FrontPageMagazine.com April 6, 2010
White Elephant in Baghdad National Review Online March 30, 2010
CAIR Attacks the Foreign Policy Research Institute FrontPageMagazine.com March 16, 2010
America's Shiny New Palestinian Militia National Review Online March 16, 2010
Crisis in Turkey National Review Online March 2, 2010
Waging Jihad Through the American Courts The American Spectator March 2010
In Mideast, Bet on a Strong Horse National Review Online February 16, 2010
Sarah Palin Endorses 'Bomb Iran' National Review Online February 8, 2010
How to Save the Obama Presidency: Bomb Iran National Review Online February 2, 2010
Why I Stand with Geert Wilders National Review Online January 19, 2010
T. E. Lawrence, American Strategist History News Network January 18, 2010
Security Theater Now Playing at Your Airport Jerusalem Post January 6, 2010
The System "Worked Really Very, Very Smoothly" in Detroit? FrontPageMagazine.com December 28, 2009
Some Common Sense in Egypt and Saudi Arabia Jerusalem Post December 23, 2009
Swiss Minarets and European Islam Jerusalem Post December 9, 2009
Islamism 2.0 Jerusalem Post November 25, 2009
Maj. Hasan's Islamist Life FrontPageMagazine.com November 20, 2009
Sudden Jihad or "Inordinate Stress" at Ft. Hood? FrontPageMagazine.com November 9, 2009
Turkey: An Ally No More Jerusalem Post October 28, 2009
CAIR's Inner Workings Exposed WorldNetDaily.com October 15, 2009
Netanyahu's Quiet Success Jerusalem Post September 30, 2009
One Cheer for Obama's Foreign Policy Jerusalem Post September 16, 2009
Niqabs and Burqas - The Veiled Threat Continues Jerusalem Post September 2, 2009
Peace Process or War Process? Middle East Quarterly Fall 2009
Counterterrorism in Obama's Washington FrontPageMagazine.com August 18, 2009
Why Shariah Must Be Opposed National Post August 5, 2009
Obama and Israel, Into the Abyss Philadelphia Bulletin July 21, 2009
Limping away from a Shattered Iraq National Post July 8, 2009
A Call for American Boldness in Iran Jerusalem Post June 24, 2009
The Middle Eastern Cold War Jerusalem Post June 17, 2009
A Rapid and Harsh Turn against Israel Jerusalem Post June 4, 2009
Obama and Netanyahu Meet: What's Next? Jerusalem Post May 18, 2009
Caught on Tape: The Middle East's Culture of Cruelty FrontPageMagazine.com May 15, 2009
Standing with Steven J. Rosen Philadelphia Bulletin May 5, 2009
The Limits of Terrorism Jerusalem Post April 22, 2009
Does Turkey Still Belong in NATO? Philadelphia Bulletin April 6, 2009
Avigdor Lieberman's Brilliant Debut FrontPageMagazine.com April 2, 2009
Arabs, Israelis, and Underdogs FrontPageMagazine.com April 1, 2009
Palestinians Who Helped Create Israel Jerusalem Post March 26, 2009
Netanyahu as Prime Minister - Déjà Vu? Jerusalem Post March 11, 2009
The Voice of America, Silenced on Radical Islam FrontPageMagazine.com March 6, 2009
That Surreal Gaza Reconstruction Conference FrontPageMagazine.com March 3, 2009
Dubai's Dramatic Drop FrontPageMagazine.com February 25, 2009
The Deceits of Bridges TV Jerusalem Post February 25, 2009
Obama, the Middle East and Islam - An Initial Assessment FrontPageMagazine.com February 3, 2009
Explaining Israel's Strategic Mistakes FrontPageMagazine.com January 28, 2009
A Saudi Prince's Threat to the Obama Administration FrontPageMagazine.com January 26, 2009
The Democrats and Israel FrontPageMagazine.com January 20, 2009
Israel's Strategic Incompetence in Gaza Jerusalem Post January 11, 2009
Solving the "Palestinian Problem" [with the No-State Solution] Jerusalem Post January 7, 2009
Insight into Obama's Middle East Policy? Jerusalem Post December 30, 2008
Still Asleep After Mumbai Jerusalem Post December 10, 2008
Westerners Welcome Harems Jerusalem Post November 26, 2008
Obama Wins, Muslims Divided Philadelphia Bulletin November 12, 2008
Foreword: Ignoring the Palestinian Civil War Hamas vs. Fatah: The Struggle for Palestine November 11, 2008
Foreword: The Achievement of American Zionists Zionist and Patriot: The Odyssey of an American Jewish Leader 2008
Obama's Mansion, Saddam's Money Philadelphia Bulletin October 29, 2008
PLO Acknowledges: Still at War with Israel Hudson Institute October 28, 2008
Obama Would Fail Security Clearance Philadelphia Bulletin October 21, 2008
Counting Islamists Jerusalem Post October 8, 2008
Appease Iran? Jerusalem Post September 25, 2008
Must Counterinsurgency Wars Fail? Washington Times September 14, 2008
Barack Obama through Muslim Eyes FrontPageMagazine.com August 25, 2008
The West's Islamist Infiltrators Philadelphia Bulletin August 12, 2008
May an American Comment on Israel? Jerusalem Post July 28, 2008
Samir Kuntar and the Last Laugh Jerusalem Post July 21, 2008
Will Washington Betray Anti-Regime Iranians? Jerusalem Post July 17, 2008
The Problem with Middle East Studies History News Network July 14, 2008
[The Islamist-Leftist] Allied Menace National Review July 14, 2008
Which Has More Islamist Terrorism, Europe or America? Jerusalem Post July 3, 2008
The Enemy Has a Name Jerusalem Post June 19, 2008
Prepare to attack [Iran] USA Today June 11, 2008
Obama vs. McCain on the Middle East Jerusalem Post June 5, 2008
Is Turkey's Government Starting a Muslim Reformation? Jerusalem Post May 22, 2008
Israel's Predicament at 60: World's worst neighbourhood National Post May 6, 2008
Barack Obama's Muslim Childhood FrontPageMagazine.com April 29, 2008
A Democratic Islam? Jerusalem Post April 17, 2008
Europe or Eurabia? The Australian April 15, 2008
Will Europe Resist Islamization? Jerusalem Post April 3, 2008
Destroying Sculptures of Muhammad Jerusalem Post February 28, 2008
Resisting Islamic Law Jerusalem Post February 21, 2008
Britain's Encounter with Islamic Law Jerusalem Post February 13, 2008
How to Turn Gaza Over to Egypt Jerusalem Post February 7, 2008
Give Gaza to Egypt Jerusalem Post January 30, 2008
The Middle East's Tribal Affliction Jerusalem Post January 24, 2008
Bush's Middle East Hopes [and His Failures] Jerusalem Post January 17, 2008
Bush Promotes a Palestinian "Right of Return" FrontPageMagazine.com January 14, 2008
Fascism's Legacy: Liberalism Jerusalem Post January 10, 2008
Confirmed: Barack Obama Practiced Islam FrontPageMagazine.com January 7, 2008
Palestinians Who Prefer Israel Jerusalem Post January 2, 2008
The Palestinian Economy in Shambles Jerusalem Post December 27, 2007
Was Barack Obama a Muslim? FrontPageMagazine.com December 24, 2007
Fund the Palestinians? Bad Idea Jerusalem Post December 19, 2007
That NIE Makes War against Iran More Likely Jerusalem Post December 13, 2007
Turkey, Still a Western Ally? Jerusalem Post December 5, 2007
Accept Israel as the Jewish State? Jerusalem Post November 29, 2007
Lee Harvey Oswald's Malign Legacy Jerusalem Post November 22, 2007
Preface Soufi ou mufti? Quel avenir pour l'islam? November 15, 2007
Washington Protects the Terror Masters [in Courtrooms] Jerusalem Post November 15, 2007
Saddam's Damn Dam [i.e., The Mosul Dam] Jerusalem Post November 7, 2007
[Mosul and] Iraq's Next War Jerusalem Post October 31, 2007
Annapolis Blues Jerusalem Post October 24, 2007
Giuliani's Fresh Start Jerusalem Post October 17, 2007
Zionism's Bleak Present Jerusalem Post October 11, 2007
Arab-Israeli Fatalities Rank 49th FrontPageMagazine.com October 8, 2007
[Brandon Mayfield and] Preempt Terrorists, Or Not? Jerusalem Post October 8, 2007
Islamic Economics: What Does It Mean? Jerusalem Post September 26, 2007
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