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The Middle East Forum seeks a full-time Israel Director for its Israel Victory Project (IVP), which holds that a Palestinian defeat is a precondition to resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict. This means ditching the “peace process” in favor of Israel imposing its will on its enemies. It also means teaching the Palestinians the consequences of their actions – no more political process to nowhere; no more free aid; no more coddling of forces dedicated to Israel’s destruction.

Responsibilities of the Position:
IVP’s Israel Director runs the day-to-day activities of the project in Israel, which include:
  • Working closely with members of the Knesset Israel Victory Caucus on bills to implement IVP on the policy level.
  • Reaching out to decision-makers, opinion-shapers, members of the defense establishment, and Israeli social sectors to further the victory paradigm.
  • Managing a local team and a budget, and fundraising.
  • Coordinating with IVP’s Washington Director and MEF’s leadership.
  • Planning and managing a variety of events furthering IVP goals.
  • Recruiting writers, researchers and speakers to advance IVP in public consciousness.
  • Maintain the IVP-Israel website.
  • Searching for potential grantees of the Israel Victory Fund, while overseeing the work of current grantees.
  • Agreement with the IVP outlook.
  • Fluent reading, writing, and editing skills in both English and Hebrew.
  • Connections with current and former Israeli government officials, members of the Knesset, and members of the Israeli defense establishment.
  • Understanding of the nuances of the Israeli political system and body politic.
  • Advanced computer literacy.
Residence in Israel.

Job status:
Independent contractor.

Non-profit competitive, based on the merit of the successful candidate and resources of IVP.

To apply:
Prepare an application that includes:
  • A cover letter indicating your interests, qualifications, and goals.
  • A résumé or curriculum vitae.
  • A short (up to 500 words) essay explaining how you would advance the Victory concept so it becomes Israeli policy.
When the application is completed:
  • Bundle the entire application as a single document, preferably in Adobe Acrobat (Word is also acceptable).
  • Title it with your name in reverse order, without spacing, as in "ChurchillWinston."
  • Submit the application to Thelma Prosser, at, by July 20, 2018 at 5 p.m. EST.
About the Middle East Forum:
The Middle East Forum, an activist think tank founded in 1994 by Daniel Pipes, promotes American interests in the Middle East and protects Western values from Middle Eastern threats. It does so in three ways:
  • Intellectual, by providing information, context, and policy advice through publications, media appearances, lectures, and private consultations.
  • Operational, by getting things done in Washington, on campus, in courts of law, and beyond.
  • Philanthropic, by distributing about $2 million annually in separately earmarked funds to about 75 groups and individuals working to promote our goals.