Press Releases

Title Date
MEF Ensures Islamists Lobby an Empty Statehouse October 6, 2019
Middle East Forum Launches Islamism in Politics Project July 29, 2019
MEF-Israel Starts Campaign for Israel Victory July 21, 2019
Urge University of Texas to Clean Up Center for Middle Eastern Studies July 17, 2019
Job Announcement: Campus Watch Managing Editor July 15, 2019
News: MEF Funds Tommy Robinson Defense ... To No Avail July 12, 2019
Job Announcement: Director of Development June 14, 2019
Tell the Senate to Oppose Arms Sales to Qatar June 11, 2019
CAIR Settles to Avoid an MEF-Funded Fraud Lawsuit June 4, 2019
Job Announcement: Coordinator of the Islamism in Politics Project May 28, 2019
MEF Research Forces CAIR to Condemn Its Own Former Official April 18, 2019
Netanyahu Promotes "Principle of Victory" April 9, 2019
MEF vs Columbia Univ.: Opposite Responses to Erdo─čan's Bullying April 8, 2019
Job Announcement: Development Assistant April 1, 2019
CAIR Loses a Round in San Diego to MEF-Funded Lawsuit March 20, 2019
MEF Defends the Right to Discuss Islam in Europe March 19, 2019
MEF Applauds Rep. Banks for Calling Out Islamist Groups March 4, 2019
MEF Hosts D.C. Conference on Qatar's Malign Influence February 4, 2019
Islamist Watch is Seeking Interns, Writers and Citizen Volunteers January 18, 2019
25 Years of the Middle East Quarterly December 1, 2018
Middle East Forum Congratulates Reps. Banks and Gabbard for Calling Out Dangerous South Asian... November 29, 2018
Giving Tuesday: World Vision Must Answer Terror Finance Questions November 26, 2018
Thugs Disrupt MEF Congressional Event November 15, 2018
De-Platforming, A New Problem November 12, 2018
Invite: MEF 2019 Trip to Warsaw, Budapest, and Vienna October 26, 2018
Tommy Robinson Invited to America October 24, 2018
MEF Reveals Islamic Relief under Investigation; Congress Demands Answers October 18, 2018