MEF in the Media

Title Publication Date
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Daniel Pipes on Israel's Election Al Bawaba September 24, 2019
Humire: Momentum against Iran in Latin America Has 'Taken Off' Middle East Forum Radio September 4, 2019
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CNN's Arwa Damon: 'Who Can Blame' Syrians for Radicalizing after U.S. Abandonment? Middle East Forum Sentry Radio July 17, 2019
Tommy Robinson: 'Our Free Speech and Our Rights Are Disappearing in the UK' Middle East Forum Sentry Radio July 10, 2019
Tarek Fatah: The Hijab Is a Political Symbol, Not Religious Middle East Forum Sentry Radio July 3, 2019
Daniel Pipes: Iran Is 'the Great Disruptive Force" of Mideast WORLD Radio June 25, 2019
Daniel Pipes on the Real Threat to Europe Affari Italiani June 24, 2019
Daniel Pipes: Trump Should Have Knocked Out Iranian Nuclear Infrastructure The Roy Green Show June 22, 2019
The Intrepid Duo: Pipes, Father and Son The Gatestone Institute May 20, 2019
Who Are Europe's 'Civilizationists'? Spectator USA May 20, 2019