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Title Publication Author Date
Turkey Rejects "Moderate Islam" The Gatestone Institute Uzay Bulut November 30, 2017
Why Islam's Reformers Are Vitally Important The Challenge of Modernizing Islam (New York, 2017) Daniel Pipes July 17, 2017
Is Judaism a Good Model for Islamic Reform? The Forward Alexander H. Joffe February 22, 2017
Canada's Islamophobia Motion Targets Moderate Muslims The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah February 14, 2017
A Moderate Muslim Goes to Ottawa The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah January 17, 2017
Interview: Daniel Pipes on Muslim Immigration Breitbart News Daily August 31, 2016
In Search of Iranian Moderates The Gatestone Institute A.J. Caschetta June 8, 2016
'Radical' vs. 'Moderate' Islam: A Muslim View The Gatestone Institute Raymond Ibrahim May 25, 2016
Obama's Not Listening to the Right Muslims The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah February 9, 2016
Daniel Pipes on Radical Islam Kickass Politics January 21, 2016
Separating Violent and Peaceful Islam Asia Times David P. Goldman December 11, 2015
Muslims Won't Listen to Hirsi Ali The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah May 26, 2015
What is the Antidote to Radical Islam? National Review Online Daniel Pipes March 3, 2015
When Moderate Muslims Speak, They're Ignored The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah February 3, 2015
Is Sisi Islam's Long-Awaited Reformer? The National Review Daniel Pipes January 19, 2015
Muslims Must Save Islam from Islamists The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah December 16, 2014
Muslim 'Reformers' Are All Talk FrontPage Magazine Raymond Ibrahim December 16, 2014
Muslim Double Standards Abound The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah July 15, 2014
Tony Blair on the Islamist Threat Frontpage Magazine Mark Durie May 1, 2014
Hala Mustafa and the Liberal Arab Predicament Middle East Quarterly David Govrin Spring 2010
"Moderate" Muslims versus American-Muslims Muslim World Today Supna Zaidi January 29, 2009
Modernity Starts Here - Tunisia Middle East Times Asaf Romirowsky August 19, 2008
Dissident Watch: Abdul Rahman al-Lahim Middle East Quarterly Nathaniel Rosenblatt Spring 2008
When Conservatives Argue about Islam FrontPageMagazine.com Daniel Pipes July 6, 2007
A Million Moderate Muslims on the March New York Sun Daniel Pipes May 8, 2007
Bolstering Moderate Muslims New York Sun Daniel Pipes April 17, 2007
How to End Terrorism[: With Moderate Islam] New York Sun Daniel Pipes December 5, 2006
[The Search for Moderate Islam:] A Reply to Lawrence Auster FrontPageMagazine.com Daniel Pipes January 28, 2005
Identifying Moderate Muslims New York Sun Daniel Pipes November 23, 2004
Moderate Muslims March in Phoenix FrontPageMagazine.com Daniel Pipes April 30, 2004
[Finding Moderate Muslims:] Do you believe in modernity? Jerusalem Post Daniel Pipes November 26, 2003
[Moderate] Voices of Islam New York Post Daniel Pipes September 23, 2003


Book Title Publication Author Date
Reforming Islam: Progressive Voices from the Arab Muslim World Middle East Quarterly Christine Williams Summer 2015
In Search of the Moderate Muslim
by Jon Gower Davies
Middle East Quarterly Denis MacEoin Fall 2009
Liberal Islam: A Sourcebook Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes June 1999

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