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Title Publication Author Date
Why Does ISIS Kill Muslims? FrontPage Magazine Raymond Ibrahim November 27, 2017
Should the U.S. Military Stay in Syria after ISIS? The Jerusalem Post Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi November 26, 2017
An Islamist Bounty on My Head The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah February 22, 2017
Death Threats Are Nothing New for Muslim Reformers The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah January 10, 2017
Hirsi Ali shines in Debate on Islam The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah April 19, 2016
Here's the Real War within Islam The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah October 6, 2015
Losing Ground in Iraq, ISIS Pushes Farther into Syria PJ Media Jonathan Spyer April 9, 2015
Interview: Ibn Warraq on the Judeo-Christian Sources of the Koran Breitbart Phyllis Chesler September 29, 2014
New Islamic Caliphate Declares Jihad on … Muslims FrontPage Magazine Raymond Ibrahim July 18, 2014
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation: Free Speech Implications of a Proposed Ban on "Islamophobia" Hudson Institute Mark Durie January 17, 2014
Danish Muslim Apostate Faces Hate Speech Charges FrontPageMagazine.com Andrew E. Harrod January 2, 2014
Many Things Rotten in Denmark FrontPageMagazine.com Andrew E. Harrod November 13, 2013
Geneva Conference Moves Toward Criminalizing "Islamophobia" FrontPageMagazine.com Deborah Weiss October 22, 2013
International 'Islamophobia' Conference Promotes Sharia Agenda Breitbart Andrew Harrod and Sam Nunberg September 28, 2013
United Nations' War on Free Speech Continues FrontPageMagazine.com Andrew E. Harrod September 6, 2013
Arab MK's Sharia Blasphemy Demand on Israel American Thinker Andrew E. Harrod August 23, 2013
Undaunted: Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff's Fight for Free Speech FrontPageMagazine.com Andrew E. Harrod July 5, 2013
EU Challenges the UN and OIC on Press Freedom American Thinker Nathaniel Sugarman June 18, 2013
Islamophobia Comes to Canberra Gatestone Institute Mark Durie May 31, 2013
Wilders in Australia and the "Islamic Problem" - Part II Mark Durie May 29, 2013
Catholic Cardinal Calls for End to Blasphemy Laws FrontPageMagazine.com Andrew E. Harrod May 21, 2013
The Media's Muhammad Blackout Defers Again to Islam FrontPageMagazine.com Andrew E. Harrod May 10, 2013
Silencing Speech on Islam American Thinker Andrew E. Harrod May 4, 2013
Wilders in Australia and the "Islamic Problem" - Part I Mark Durie March 14, 2013
Did European Governments Overreact to a New 'Anti-Islam' Film? The Blaze Adam Turner December 31, 2012
Case Against 'Innocence of Muslims' Filmmaker Raises Eyebrows The Blaze Adam Turner November 19, 2012
Post-Mortem on the Muhammad Protests National Review Online Daniel Pipes October 2, 2012
How 'Religious Defamation' Laws Would Ban Islam FrontPageMagazine.com Raymond Ibrahim September 26, 2012
Mocking Muhammad Is Not Hate Speech FoxNews.com Daniel Pipes September 24, 2012
A Muhammad Cartoon a Day FoxNews.com Daniel Pipes September 21, 2012
Rampaging Islamists The Washington Times Daniel Pipes September 19, 2012
Another Islamist Assault, Another Western Cringe Boston Herald Daniel Pipes September 13, 2012
Egypt: Kill a Christian, Collect a Reward Gatestone Institute Raymond Ibrahim September 4, 2012
More on the Slaughtered Convert to Christianity Jihad Watch Raymond Ibrahim June 5, 2012
Graphic Video: Muslims Slaughter Convert to Christianity in Tunisia Gatestone Institute Raymond Ibrahim June 4, 2012
Salafi Leader: No Freedom in Islam; Apostates Must be Persecuted Jihad Watch Raymond Ibrahim June 1, 2012
U.S. Leads Effort to Criminalize Free Speech Gatestone Institute Ann Snyder May 16, 2012
Once Again, Islamists Bully Europe on Free Speech PJ Media Adam Turner November 19, 2011
Charlie Hebdo, Free Speech, and Islam The American Spectator Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi November 7, 2011
Islamism's Predictability Jihad Watch Raymond Ibrahim October 6, 2011
David Letterman gets it exactly right The Daily Caller Adam Turner October 3, 2011
A Tale of Two Apostasies Jihad Watch Raymond Ibrahim September 16, 2011
Destroying One Koran vs. Destroying Many Christians FrontPageMagazine.com Raymond Ibrahim April 8, 2011
Should We Blame a Florida Pastor for Deaths in Afghanistan? FoxNews.com Daniel Pipes April 6, 2011
Dueling Fatwas The Washington Times Daniel Pipes October 5, 2010
Two Decades of the Rushdie Rules Commentary Daniel Pipes October 2010
It's Time to Fight Back Against Death Threats by Islamic Extremists Los Angeles Times Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Daniel Huff September 27, 2010
"Rushdie Rules" Reach Florida The Washington Times Daniel Pipes September 21, 2010
The Strange - and Tragic - Case of Nagla Imam Pajamas Media Raymond Ibrahim July 15, 2010
What Did You Say About Muhammad?! Pajamas Media Raymond Ibrahim May 12, 2010
Dissident Watch: Mohammed Hegazy Middle East Quarterly Stephanie Winer Winter 2010
How to Discuss Religion Without Appeasing Tyrants Pajamas Media Mary Madigan April 14, 2009
The United Islamist Nations American Spectator Supna Zaidi December 4, 2008
To Ban a Book FrontPageMagazine.com Winfield Myers December 3, 2008
Fear Stalks Muslim Apostates in the West American Thinker David J. Rusin August 3, 2008
Mohamed Sifaoui: "I Consider Islamism to Be Fascism" Middle East Quarterly Spring 2008
Naser Khader and Flemming Rose: Reflections on the Danish Cartoon Controversy Middle East Quarterly Fall 2007
Salman Rushdie and British Backbone New York Sun Daniel Pipes June 26, 2007
Is Tariq Ramadan Lying [about Magdi Allam]? FrontPageMagazine.com Daniel Pipes March 5, 2007
After the Danish Cartoon Controversy Middle East Quarterly Pernille Ammitzbøll and Lorenzo Vidino Winter 2007
Intimidating the West, from Rushdie to Benedict New York Sun Daniel Pipes September 26, 2006
Pope Benedict Criticizes Islam [in Regensburg] New York Sun Daniel Pipes September 19, 2006
Those Danish Cartoons and Me New York Sun Daniel Pipes February 21, 2006
How the Cartoon Protests Harm Muslims [by Leading to a Separation of Civilizations] New York Sun Daniel Pipes February 14, 2006
The Clash to End All Clashes? National Review Online Daniel Pipes February 7, 2006
Cartoons and Islamic Imperialism New York Sun Daniel Pipes February 7, 2006
[Khalid Durán] An American Rushdie? Jerusalem Post Daniel Pipes July 4, 2001
"How Dare You Defame Islam" Commentary Daniel Pipes November 1999
Salman Rushdie's Delusion, and Ours Commentary Daniel Pipes December 1998
Is Salman Rushdie a Free Man? Policywatch Daniel Pipes October 2, 1998
The Rushdie Rules Middle East Quarterly Koenraad Elst June 1998
[Hebron Pig Poster Incident:] How Clinton Adheres to the 'Rushdie Rules' Forward Daniel Pipes July 25, 1997
[Turkey vs. Iran and] Islam's Intramural Struggle National Interest Daniel Pipes Spring 1994

Blog Posts

Title Publication Author Date
The Two Faces of Al Azhar Middle East Forum Blog Raymond Ibrahim July 20, 2016
Egypt's Top "Moderate" Cleric: Apostasy a "Crime" Punishable by Death Middle East Forum Blog Raymond Ibrahim June 24, 2016


Book Title Publication Author Date
Silenced: How Apostasy and Blasphemy Codes Are Choking Freedom Worldwide
by Paul Marshall and Nina Shea
Middle East Quarterly Ann Snyder Fall 2012
Coffee with the Prophet: A 21st Century Encounter with the Prophet of Islam
by Mark A. Gabriel
Middle East Quarterly Raymond Ibrahim Winter 2010
Pour Rushdie: Cent intellectuels arabes et musulmans pour la liberté d'expression Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes June 1994


Title Publication Author Date
Legal Project Part of Chorus of Opposition to UN Resolutions Banning Defamation of Religion Announcement November 12, 2009

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