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  1. Iran and the Shia Militias Advance in Iraq
  2. Why Arabs Lose Wars
  3. Are Judaism and Christianity as Violent as Islam?
  4. Worldwide Trends in Honor Killings
  5. Europeans Fund Anti-Israel Libels


  1. Europeans Fund Anti-Israel Libels
  2. Iran and the Shia Militias Advance in Iraq
  3. Muslims Must Save Islam from Islamists
  4. Muslim 'Reformers' Are All Talk
  5. Why Arabs Lose Wars


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Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Kyle Dabruzzi, Jihad's New Leaders
Al-Qaeda's next generation is learning from past mistakes

George Michael, Deciphering Ahmadinejad's Holocaust Revisionism
The Islamic Republic finds common ground with right-wing extremists


Kamal Said Qadir, Iraqi Kurdistan's Downward Spiral
Kurdish leaders speak of democracy but emulate Saddam

David A. Patten, Is Iraq in a Civil War?
Imprecise definitions can have far-reaching consequences

Nimrod Raphaeli, Culture in Post-Saddam Iraq
A cultural renaissance is in progress beneath the violence

Shannen Rossmiller, My Cyber Counter-jihad
How a Montana woman broke new counterterrorism ground

David Wenkel, Palestinians, Jebusites, and Evangelicals
The implications of Palestinian revisionism

Efraim Inbar, How Israel Bungled the Second Lebanon War
To prepare for future battles, Israel first must recognize its failures


Alexandr Vondra: "Radical Islam Poses a Major Challenge to Europe"
The Czech foreign minister recognizes the Islamist threat


Brief Reviews
Egypt's economy ... Israel's nuclear option ... Kurdish nationalism ... Palestinian refugee camps


Caroline Sevier, Shadi Sadr and Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh
Iranian feminists endure harassment in their quest for equal rights

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