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Middle East Forum Education Fund

The Middle East Forum Education Fund (MEFEF) distributes about $2 million annually in separately earmarked funds to some 75 individuals and groups, all of them working to promote the Forum's goals of working closely with allies and standing strong against adversaries.

A number of MEFEF recipients work quietly behind the scenes. Others have had public accomplishments, including:

Americans for Peace and Tolerance

  • Produced a video exposing anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, and radical Islamist faculty and staff at Northeastern University in Boston. As a result, the school's Muslim chaplain was dismissed; an enhanced whistleblower system for students was established; and an Israel Studies faculty position was created.
  • Led a campaign to remove anti-Israel, anti-American, and pro-Islamist teaching materials from Newton, MA public schools. To date, three offending sources used by Newton teachers have been removed.

Australian & Jewish Affairs Council

  • Facilitated a historic, ice-breaking visit by a high-ranking Indonesian parliamentary delegation to Jerusalem.

Center for Security Policy

Danielle Avel

  • Uncovered – and translated from Arabic – incendiary comments about Jews from a prominent Palestinian-American leader. Sofian Zakkout called for the "conquer[ing] of American Jews like our conquests over the Jews of Israel." Also infiltrated and videotaped an anti-Israel demonstration where Zakkout shouted: "We are Hamas. . . We are Jihad." In Arabic, demonstrators chanted: "Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jew, Muhammad's army will return," referencing the seventh-century massacre of the Jewish community of Khaybar.

Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law

  • Met with a senior aide to U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan to show that the law requiring "diverse perspectives" in taxpayer-funded university Middle East Studies outreach programs is not being followed. The next day, Harvard's Center for Middle Eastern Studies announced the end of its K-12 outreach program.

NGO Monitor

  • Released an extensive report proving that European non-governmental agencies (NGOs) leak false information about Israel (e.g. the claim that only Jews may buy land). The report led to NGO Monitor briefings for members of the European Parliament and other European and Israeli officials, as well as op-eds in the Times of Israel, Public Service Europe, and the Jewish Chronicle (UK).
  • Helped persuade the Spanish Government to hold accountable – and significantly slash funding to – non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are among the leaders in ideological campaigns to delegitimize Israel via boycotts, lawfare, and other forms of demonization.

Patrick Poole

  • Briefed several dozen members of Congress and key staffers about Islamist infiltration of U.S. institutions, the subject of a two-part documentary by The Blaze. His exclusive story on the scuttled prosecution of CAIR co-founder Omar Ahmad led to a federal FOIA lawsuit by Judicial Watch. His report on the FBI shutting down intelligence-sharing with state and local fusion centers prompted a complete reversal of policy.
  • Published an article that led to the prosecution, guilty plea and eight-and-a-half year prison term of a Pennsylvania man for "soliciting others to engage in acts of terrorism within the United States."

Daniel Pipes, president of the Middle East Forum, observes that the MEF Education Fund "supports key actors fighting to preserve our civilization and develop a sensible foreign policy."

Two notes: (1) MEFEF donations are initiated internally; applications are not accepted. (2) Funds received for MEFEF are earmarked to distribute to recipients; these monies are independent from Middle East Forum income.

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