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Title Publication Featured Date
Gregg Roman: Trump's Embassy Move Will Promote "Real" Peace Talks i24news Gregg Roman December 8, 2017
Daniel Pipes on Syria, Security, Migration, and Eurabia Alpha Institute December 7, 2017
EJ Kimball: Sunni Arab States Won't Jeopardize Relations with Israel over Jerusalem Controversy Stand in the Gap Today (radio) December 7, 2017
Daniel Pipes on Recent Saudi Reforms International Policy Digest Daniel Pipes November 21, 2017
Daniel Pipes on Trump, Iran, and a Fast-Changing Middle East L'Informale (Italy) Daniel Pipes November 13, 2017
Israeli, American Lawmakers to Push 'Victory over Palestinians' Paradigm in US Events The Jerusalem Post Israel Victory Project November 9, 2017
Daniel Pipes: 'Weak Leadership' Put NYC at Risk of Terror Attacks RT Daniel Pipes October 31, 2017
Turkey Walks Out of NATO Conference Over U.S. Freedom of Speech The American Spectator September 21, 2017
Turkish NATO Delegation Walks Out of Event Over Dissident Speech The Daily Caller September 19, 2017
Daniel Pipes on Greece's Solution to Illegal Immigration The Rebel Media Daniel Pipes September 13, 2017
Daniel Pipes on Trump's Foreign Policy and Turkey's Erdoğan Vocal Europe Daniel Pipes August 28, 2017
Daniel Pipes on Merkel's Historic Folly Achse des Guten Daniel Pipes August 22, 2017
Clifford Smith on Trump's Travel Ban WAVA 105.1 FM (Washington, DC) Clifford Smith July 25, 2017
Daniel Pipes on the ISIS Threat to Central Asia Eurasia Expert Daniel Pipes July 24, 2017
MEF Meets with Netanyahu: 'Palestinians Must Understand That They Lost' Walla! Daniel Pipes, Gregg Roman July 20, 2017
Daniel Pipes: Reframing the Arab-Israeli Conflict L'Informale (Italy) Daniel Pipes July 17, 2017
Daniel Pipes on the Israel Victory Project Israel Victory Project Daniel Pipes July 9, 2017
Oded Forer on How Israel Can Achieve Victory Israel Victory Project July 9, 2017
Tarek Fatah on Linda Sarsour's 'Jihad' against Trump Fox Business Tarek Fatah July 7, 2017
Daniel Pipes: Erdoğan 'Capable and Willing' to Destabilize Balkans Factor.bg Daniel Pipes June 29, 2017
EJ Kimball: U.S. Will "Respond Harshly" to Further Chemical Weapons Use in Syria i24NEWS EJ Kimball June 29, 2017
Gregg Roman on ISIS after Iraq/Syria, China i24 News June 22, 2017
Gregg Roman on U.S. Strategy in Syria i24 News Gregg Roman June 19, 2017
Daniel Pipes: Trump Sees Iran Threat as "Organizing Principle" of the Mideast Tehran Times Daniel Pipes June 13, 2017
Sam Westrop on UK, French Terror Attacks i24News Sam Westrop June 7, 2017
Gregg Roman on the Rift between Qatar and the Arab Gulf States I24News Gregg Roman June 6, 2017
Sam Westrop on the Manchester Terror Attack i24News Sam Westrop May 24, 2017
Gregg Roman on the Israel Victory Project Channel 10 (Israel) Gregg Roman May 17, 2017
Daniel Pipes: "I Expect Mild Hostility" to Israel from Trump L'Informale (Italy) Daniel Pipes May 9, 2017
Israel Victory Caucus Broadens the Debate Over Israeli-Palestinian Peace U.S. News and World Report May 2, 2017
Nonprofit Says DHS Botched Handling of Simple FOIA Request Courthouse News Service April 28, 2017
Congressional Israel Victory Caucus (CIVC) Highlights April 27, 2017
Daniel Pipes on Trump's First 100 Days and the Middle East i24News Daniel Pipes April 27, 2017
Congressional Israel Victory Caucus' Launch by Republicans Reinforces Support for Israel The Washington Times Daniel Pipes April 27, 2017
Gregg Roman: CAIR's Hypocrisy is 'Disgusting' News Radio 106.7 (Atlanta) Gregg Roman April 19, 2017
Pipes vs. Roman on Syria i24News Daniel Pipes and Gregg Roman April 7, 2017
Farahat: Egypt's Sisi "Not Strong Enough" to Defeat Radical Islamism Alone Breitbart Cynthia Farahat April 4, 2017
Daniel Pipes: Trump's Israel Policy 'Continuity More Than Change.' The Rebel Media Daniel Pipes March 27, 2017
Sam Westrop: Europe Must 'Wake Up' to to 'New Norm' after London Attack i24 News Sam Westrop March 24, 2017
Sam Westrop: London Attack 'Fast Becoming the Norm' Al Jazeera Sam Westrop March 23, 2017
Sam Westrop: London-Style Attacks 'Almost Impossible' to Stop i24News Sam Westrop March 23, 2017
Gregg Roman on Airline Electronics Ban i24 News Gregg Roman March 21, 2017
Daniel Pipes: 'Chances Are Good' Muslim Brotherhood Will Be Banned Al-Watan (Egypt) Daniel Pipes February 10, 2017
Daniel Pipes: Extreme Vetting Not Easy but 'It Can Be Done' Newsmax TV Daniel Pipes February 7, 2017
Gregg Roman on Islamist Terror and Obama's Israel Agenda Secure Freedom Radio Gregg Roman January 9, 2017
Debate: Terror Attacks in Turkey PressTV Daniel Pipes January 1, 2017
Gurfinkiel on Israel, Trump, and the French-Jewish Community Tipping Point Michel Gurfinkiel December 22, 2016
In Clausewitz's Shadow L'Informale Daniel Pipes December 22, 2016
Millennial Panel Addresses Trump-Related Concerns The Jewish Exponent Gregg Roman December 2, 2016
Gregg Roman on 'Lone Wolf' Terrorism and Ohio State The Mike Siegel Show Gregg Roman November 29, 2016
IAF Strikes ISIS-linked Cell in Syria after Cross-border Fire on Golan The Jerusalem Post Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi November 27, 2016
Embarrassing Trump and Our Country The New York Times Daniel Pipes November 19, 2016
Daniel Pipes on Hillary Clinton's Islamist Donors WAVA FM (Washington, DC) Daniel Pipes November 8, 2016
Threat of Obama Surprise on Israel Worries Congress, Jewish Groups JNS Clifford Smith November 4, 2016
Leaked Document Shows Makeup of an Islamic State Fighting Unit The Jerusalem Post Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi November 4, 2016
Clinton Leads Left-Leaning Top 10 'Islamic Money in Politics' List Newsmax October 23, 2016
Hillary Clinton Tops Islamic Money List Arutz Sheva October 23, 2016
Hillary Clinton Tops Middle East Forum's 'Islamist Money List' Breitbart October 21, 2016
Exclusive: Private ISIS Letter Outlines Group's Merciless Tactics Ahead of Mosul Battle Newsweek Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi October 15, 2016
In Coastal Libya, Islamic State Prepared to Build a Nation The Wall Street Journal Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi October 10, 2016
If President Obama Moves to Force a Palestinian State, Will Congress Stop Him? FLAME Clifford Smith October 4, 2016
After an apparently errant strike in Syria, confusion and competing claims The Washington Post Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi September 29, 2016
Infiltrating Islamists and Palestinian Extremism in U.S. Universities Global Patriot Radio Cinnamon Stillwell September 14, 2016
Magical Misery Tour The Economist Daniel Pipes September 8, 2016
Daniel Pipes: Is Radical Islam in Decline? The Rebel Media Daniel Pipes September 7, 2016
A Famous Feminist Weighs in on the Burkini Affair Arutz Sheva Phyllis Chesler September 1, 2016
Interview: Daniel Pipes on Muslim Immigration Breitbart News Daily Daniel Pipes August 31, 2016
Russian Military Claims It Killed Senior ISIS Strategist The Washington Post Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi August 31, 2016
Daniel Pipes: Trump's Muslim Immigration Policy Is Evolving for the Better Breitbart Daniel Pipes August 31, 2016
Interview: Daniel Pipes on the European-Muslim Confrontation L'Informale (Italy) Daniel Pipes August 30, 2016
Turkey Urged to Prove Ex-ambassador to Canada Had Ties to Failed Coup The Globe and Mail Gregg Roman August 26, 2016
U.S.-Backed Militias in Libya Claim to Retake ISIS Stronghold of Surt The New York Times Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi August 10, 2016
Al-Nusra's Rebranding May Increase Its Powers within Jihadi Networks in Syria Radio Sputnik Daniel Pipes July 30, 2016
Interview with Daniel Pipes: 'The Battle against Islamism Has Not Yet Started' Global Review (Germany) Daniel Pipes July 25, 2016
Making Sense of the Coup Attempt in Turkey The Rebel Media Daniel Pipes July 19, 2016
Attack in Nice, France, 'Incredibly Harmful to the Islamist Cause' France 24 Daniel Pipes July 15, 2016
Daniel Pipes: Jihad Awakens Europe The Gatestone Institute /The Rebel Media Daniel Pipes July 14, 2016
How Much Should Israel Fear ISIS? Israel Broadcasting Authority Daniel Pipes July 12, 2016
Israel-Turkey Deal Marred by Failure to Secure Return of Fallen Soldiers' Remains CNS News Gregg Roman June 29, 2016
Israel, East Germany, and the West German Far Left: An Interview with Jeffrey Herf Fathom Jeffrey Herf Summer 2016
Experts Weigh In on Trump's and Clinton's Plans to Stop Another Mass Shooting ABC News Daniel Pipes June 14, 2016
In Islamic State-held Areas, Being Gay Often Means a Death Sentence The Los Angeles Times Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi June 13, 2016
Shooting Renews Focus on How to Identify, Stop Extremist Attacks Voice of America Daniel Pipes June 13, 2016
ISIS: Using Social Media to Expand Beyond Its Borders WHDT Gregg Roman May 9, 2016
Figuring out Radical Islam The Larry Elder Show Daniel Pipes April 28, 2016
Analyst Sets Out Agenda for Tackling Mideast Crises The Canadian Jewish News Gregg Roman April 28, 2016
ISIS Internal Docs Show Struggle to Retain Fighters, Cut Costs CNN Admen Jawed al-Tamimi April 26, 2016
Cash-Strapped ISIS Offers $50 a Month to Fighters — But More If They Own Sex Slaves The Washington Post Admen Jawed al-Tamimi April 22, 2016
Forecast for Freedom in the Middle East Speakers Action Group Gregg Roman April 18, 2016
Advocates Are Fighting For A Burqa-Free Europe. Will They Get It? Independent Journal Review April 14, 2016
Bin Laden Sent Videotapes. Islamic State Runs a 24/7 News Agency Bloomberg Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi March 23, 2016
Autonomous IS Cells Are 'Worst Nightmare' for Security: Experts Agence France Press Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi March 23, 2016
Radical Islam Creates Terrorism: Daniel Pipes The Times of India Daniel Pipes March 21, 2016
What Donald Trump Really Means When He Calls Megyn Kelly 'Crazy' The Washington Post Phyllis Chesler March 16, 2016
Donald Trump's Complicated Relationship With Jewish Voters Time Daniel Pipes March 14, 2016
Activist: Doors Closed for Iraqi Christians, Yazidis – Just Like the Jews The Jerusalem Post Jonathan Spyer March 8, 2016
Turkish Reporter to Israel Hayom: Islamists Have No Boundaries Israel Hayom March 7, 2016
Is ISIS Going Broke? CNN Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi March 4, 2016
IS Faces Budget Crunch, Killing Perks and Slashing Salaries The New York Times Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi February 16, 2016
Review: Nothing Abides: Perspectives on the Middle East and Islam The Algemeiner Daniel Pipes February 14, 2016
A Republican President Will Tear Up Iran Deal: US Commentator Pipes Hindustan Times Daniel Pipes February 12, 2016
Fight the Sources of Iraq's ISIS Infestation The Hill February 10, 2016
Islamic State Widow Shames IS Leaders Voice of America Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi February 3, 2016
As Iran Frees American Pastor, Persecution of Iranian Christians Rages On JNS Mark Durie January 29, 2016
Is Egypt better off under Sisi? Al-Jazeera Raymond Stock January 23, 2016
Daniel Pipes on Radical Islam Kickass Politics Daniel Pipes January 21, 2016
Leaked Islamic State Documents: What If They Are Fake? The Washington Post Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi December 30, 2015
Public Schools Struggle with Lessons about Islam amid Renewed Fears of Terrorism The Los Angeles Times Winfield Myers December 20, 2015
The 'Facebook Intifada' and Islamist Threats to the United States Cornerstone Television Gregg Roman December 14, 2015
Why Erdoğan Decided to Shoot down a Russian Plane Aydınlık Daniel Pipes December 12, 2015
In ISIS-Controlled Territories, Forcing Women to Cover Up Has Deep Psychological Effects Yahoo Phyllis Chesler November 30, 2015
Pakistani Writers Storm Out of Indore Litfest Over Tarek Fatah's Comments Outlook Tarek Fatah November 20, 2015
Muslim Migration into Europe: Eurabia Come True? David Horowitz Freedom Center Daniel Pipes November 6, 2015
As I see it: Netanyahu's Mufti Firestorm The Jerusalem Post Wolfgang G. Schwanitz October 29, 2015
The Real History Behind Netanyahu's Holocaust Comments The Washington Free Beacon Wolfgang G. Schwanitz October 24, 2015
Gregg Roman on the 'Inextricable Connection' between Islamists and Hitler Al-Jazeera English Gregg Roman October 22, 2015
Gregg Roman: Mahmoud Abbas Must Stop 'Turning Attackers into Martyrs' Al-Jazeera America Gregg Roman October 13, 2015
Iranian Regime Lobby in America Loses Big in Court Arutz Sheva Marc Fink October 7, 2015
Is Israel Maintaining the Status Quo at Al-Aqsa Mosque? Al-Jazeera English Gregg Roman October 6, 2015
Iran Nuclear Deal Town Hall Gregg Roman August 24, 2015
The Growing Cognitive War Against Israel: A Q&A with Phyllis Chesler Breitbart Phyllis Chesler June 3, 2015
Interview with Phyllis Chesler The Jewish Press Phyllis Chesler May 13, 2015
Interview with Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi Musings on Iraq Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi May 4, 2015
Interview with Raymond Ibrahim: Mideast a Preview for Western Christians The National Review Raymond Ibrahim April 21, 2015
What I'm Reading: An Interview with Daniel Pipes History News Network Daniel Pipes April 12, 2015
Interview: Daniel Pipes on Turkey, Erdoğan's Future Aydınlık Daily (Turkey) Daniel Pipes March 3, 2015
Egypt Under Al-Sisi: An Interview with Raymond Stock The New English Review Raymond Stock February 2015
Egypt under al-Sisi John Batchelor Show Raymond Stock August 28, 2014
Interview with Rev. Mark Durie on Islam Jewish Australia Internet Radio Mark Durie July 27, 2014
Our 'Tend and Befriend' Response to Jihad The Glazov Gang Mark Durie June 16, 2014
The Egyptian Elections Secure Freedom Radio Raymond Stock June 2, 2014
Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood Secure Freedom Radio Raymond Stock April 30, 2014
Islamic Extremists Now Crucifying People in Syria—and Tweeting Out the Pictures The Daily Beast Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi April 30, 2014
Hundreds of child brides in New South Wales Australian Christian Lobby Mark Durie April 1, 2014
Christians Under Attack In the Market with Janet Parshall Raymond Ibrahim March 3, 2014
Resignation of Egypt's government and the likelihood of an al-Sisi presidency Secure Freedom Radio Raymond Stock February 24, 2014
The worsening plight of Christians under Islam The 700 Club Raymond Ibrahim February 20, 2014
Kurdish Issue and Politics in Contemporary International Relations Rojhelat.info Jonathan Spyer February 18, 2014
Pentagon Caves To Muslim Groups As Suspected Jihadi Infiltrators On The Rise Fox News Raymond Ibrahim February 14, 2014
Obama administration's embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood Secure Freedom Radio Raymond Stock February 10, 2014
Why the Political Left and Radical Islam are not Strange Bedfellows The Christian Worldview Mark Durie February 1, 2014
Arab Spring in Tatters Newsweek Raymond Stock January 30, 2014
Bombings in Cairo, violence and Egypt's future Secure Freedom Radio Raymond Stock January 29, 2014
'Clemency' hinted for American jailed in Iran WorldNetDaily Daniel Pipes, Mark Durie January 27, 2014
Inside Iran: Iran's demographic problem The Jerusalem Post David P. Goldman January 24, 2014
Christian persecution in the Muslim world In the Market with Janet Parshall Raymond Ibrahim January 23, 2014
Congressman pleads for Christian pastor's life WorldNetDaily Daniel Pipes, Mark Durie January 22, 2014
Organization of Islamic Cooperation's "Islamophobia" Campaign against Freedom Religious Freedom Coalition Mark Durie January 20, 2014
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation: Free Speech Implications of a Proposed Ban on "Islamophobia" Hudson Institute Mark Durie January 17, 2014
Interview on "How Civilizations Die" Israel TV, Channel One David P. Goldman December 27, 2013
Druse state in Syria could be Israeli ally The Jerusalem Post Gary C. Gambill October 29, 2013
Book Promoted by Willow Creek Church Leaves Readers Ill-Prepared for Peacemaking CAMERA Mark Durie October 28, 2013
Comparing of General Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi to Pharaoh Horemheb The John Batchelor Show Raymond Stock October 24, 2013
The United States Straining Alliance With Saudi Arabia Secure Freedom Radio Raymond Stock October 24, 2013
Gauging Global Concerns Over a Nuclear Iran Bloomberg TV Jonathan Spyer October 1, 2013
Free Speech Under Attack Sun News Network Sam Nunberg September 27, 2013
The Caucasus and Russia's Syria Policy The National Interest Gary C. Gambill September 26, 2013
Update on Egypt; Status of the Muslim Brotherhood; National Security Speaker Raymond Stock September 22, 2013
Has Syria Got a Prayer? National Review Online Raymond Ibrahim September 7, 2013
Raymond Stock answers critical questions about Syria's conflict The Daily Journalist Raymond Stock September 3, 2013
Israel Bolsters Air Defense as Syria Strike Looms Bloomberg TV Jonathan Spyer August 29, 2013
Time to designate Muslim Brotherhood as terror group? Fox News Cynthia Farahat August 26, 2013
Interview with Raymond Stock on events in Egypt KONP News Radio Raymond Stock August 24, 2013
The battle in Egypt; Russian support Secure Freedom Radio Raymond Stock August 16, 2013
Interview on "Crucified Again" Bill Martinez Live Raymond Ibrahim July 25, 2013
What is Islam? The Boston Globe Daniel Pipes July 7, 2013
Copts under the Gun: Religious Freedom in Egypt National Review Online Raymond Ibrahim July 2, 2013
Islam's Rule of Numbers Fox News Raymond Ibrahim June 10, 2013
Treatment of Christians in the Middle East John Batchelor Show Raymond Ibrahim May 23, 2013
Interview on "Crucified Again" Glenn Beck and Dennis Prager Raymond Ibrahim May 16, 2013
The Boston Bombings and Understanding the Islamic Worldview Christian Worldview Radio Mark Durie April 27, 2013
Barack Obama's first trip to Israel as US president ABC News Australia Steven J. Rosen March 15, 2013
Experts advocate for change to U.S. policy on designating Palestinian refugees JNS.org Steven J. Rosen March 12, 2013
Mohammed Morsi is a predictable radical hate monger. What's to be done? John Batchelor Show Raymond Stock February 8, 2013
Why the Arab Spring Revolution Was Not A Success Next Generation TV Cynthia Farahat February 8, 2013
Egypt Expert: Morsi Confidently Fooling West The Clarion Project Raymond Stock January 29, 2013
Academic: Israeli-Arab pols fomenting extremism The Jerusalem Post Efraim Karsh January 9, 2013
Egypt struggling to find its identity The Jim Bohannon Show Raymond Stock December 12, 2012
No Blinders about Egypt under Muslim Brotherhood New English Review Raymond Stock November 2012
What's Happening in Iraq After the U.S. Withdrawal? PJ Media Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi June 22, 2012
The Catastrophe Called Nakba The Jerusalem Post Efraim Karsh May 10, 2012
The Plight Of Egypt's Coptic Christians The Inquisitr Raymond Ibrahim March 29, 2012
Interview with Raymond Stock on Naguib Mahfouz Middle East Institute Raymond Stock December 9, 2011
A Man and a Blog to Watch Pajamas Media David J. Rusin July 14, 2011
Liberals who wilfully ignore Shari'a impact on women Pajamas Media David J. Rusin July 8, 2011
The Brutal Mind of Al-Qaeda's New Boss FrontPageMagazine.com Raymond Ibrahim June 28, 2011
A survey of Muslim mosques in the US revealed a disturbing propensity for violence Mike Gallagher Radio Show David Yerushalmi, Mordechai Kedar June 15, 2011
1967 borders: New policy or reiteration? CNN Steven J. Rosen May 24, 2011
Raymond Ibrahim 1, CAIR 0 (by KO) FrontPageMagazine.com Raymond Ibrahim May 19, 2011


Book Title Publication Featured Date
Empires of the Sand: The Struggle for Mastery in the Middle East, 1789-1923
by Efraim Karsh and Inari Karsh
NY1: The Book Reader Efraim Karsh December 11, 2013
Islam in Europa, Revolten im Mittelost: Islamismus und Genozid von Wilhelm II und Enver Pascha über Hitler und al-Husaini bis Arafat, Usama Bin Ladin und Ahmadinejad sowie Gespräche mit Bernard Lewis
by Wolfgang G. Schwanitz
Scholars For Peace in the Middle East Wolfgang G. Schwanitz November 20, 2013

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