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  1. The Defense of Kobani
  2. Beheading in the Name of Islam
  3. Why Arabs Lose Wars
  4. Is Female Genital Mutilation an Islamic Problem?
  5. Muslims Need Truth and Love


  1. Beheading in the Name of Islam
  2. Muslims Need Truth and Love
  3. How Turkey Plans to "Combat Anti-Semitism"
  4. Ban the Burqa? The Argument in Favor
  5. Islam's doctrines of deception


Research and Writing

Items published in: Stonegate Institute

Muslim Persecution of Christians: February, 2012  Stonegate Institute  March 16, 2012
Islam's Tradition of Breaking the Cross  Stonegate Institute  March 9, 2012
The Fate of Syria  Stonegate Institute  March 8, 2012
Tawriya: New Islamic Doctrine Permits 'Creative Lying'  Stonegate Institute  February 28, 2012
Obama: 'Son of Islam'?  Stonegate Institute  February 27, 2012
A New Year of 'Dhimmitude' for Egypt's Copts  Stonegate Institute  February 17, 2012
Muslim Persecution of Christians: January 2012  Stonegate Institute  February 9, 2012
Muslim Persecution of Christians: December, 2011  Stonegate Institute  January 5, 2012
An Old Egyptian Tradition  Stonegate Institute  January 2, 2012

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