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Title Publication Date
Turkey's Erdoğan Tries (and Fails) to Censor an American Think Tank The Gatestone Institute September 21, 2017
Academic Malfeasance: U. of Arkansas Disinvites Phyllis Chesler The Daily Caller April 27, 2017
BDS on American Campuses Echoes 1930s Anti-Semitism The Miami Herald February 7, 2016
No Jihad Here: Middle East Studies Profs on Chattanooga Shooting FrontPage Magazine July 23, 2015
A Year After His Death, Fouad Ajami's Detractors Look Worse than Ever FrontPage Magazine June 22, 2015
Georgetown's Elliott Colla Blames the West for ISIS' Desecration of History The American Thinker March 25, 2015
Omid Safi's Exquisite Art of Moral Equivalency American Thinker March 25, 2012
Academic Pay to Play American Thinker October 16, 2011
Norton Mezvinsky: Chelsea Clinton's LaRouchite Uncle American Thinker July 31, 2010
Juan Cole: The Ted Williams of Middle East Studies? American Thinker March 25, 2010
Will Columbia Tenure Joseph Massad? FrontPageMagazine.com April 15, 2009
The National Prayer Service and the Wahhabi Lobby American Thinker January 17, 2009
To Ban a Book FrontPageMagazine.com December 3, 2008
Coddling Islamists FrontPageMagazine.com February 14, 2008
Juan Cole's Crooked Tales of Hormuz FrontPageMagazine.com January 15, 2008
Muqtedar Khan's Smoke Screen FrontPageMagazine.com December 21, 2007
Presidential Candidates and the "Forbidden Word" The Bulletin December 17, 2007
MESA Turns Down Campus Watch Ad FrontPageMagazine.com November 16, 2007
Lustick an Unfortunate Choice for Penn The Bulletin November 2, 2007
Shedding Light on the Professoriate Washington Examiner August 16, 2007
Safi's Soft Words Are Front for Radical Jihadists Washington Examiner June 14, 2007
Connecticut Teacher Encourages Muslim Mau-mauing Washington Examiner March 27, 2007
Can Middle East Studies Regain Credibility? Washington Examiner January 18, 2007
Is a Professor's Job to Teach or Obstruct? Washington Examiner December 7, 2006
A Witch's Brew: The Gutmann Affair and Middle East Studies Washington Examiner November 16, 2006

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Yale's Jim Sleeper Targets Campus Watch Middle East Forum Blog February 19, 2016
Brandeis to Award Endowed Chair to Anti-Israel Scholar Middle East Forum Blog September 6, 2015
Steven Salaita Heads to Beirut, While Malcolm Kerr Spins in His Grave Middle East Forum Blog July 6, 2015
Jonathan Judaken Smears Campus Watch in Pursuit of Victimhood Middle East Forum Blog June 16, 2015
Bin Laden's Bookshelf: Islamism Apologists and America Haters Middle East Forum Blog May 21, 2015

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