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Writings by Uzay Bulut

Title Publication Date
Turkey Rejects "Moderate Islam" The Gatestone Institute November 30, 2017
Turkey's Genocide Denial: Four Narratives The Armenian Weekly September 8, 2017
Turkey's Mass Persecution of Christians and Kurds in Diyarbakır The Gatestone Institute September 4, 2017
The Islamization of History The Gatestone Institute July 30, 2017
Is Turkey Becoming Another Iran? The Gatestone Institute July 20, 2017
The Evolution of Yannis: From Turkish Nationalist to Jailed Greek Activist The Armenian Weekly June 23, 2017
Turkey's Dying Greek Minority The Philos Project June 19, 2017
Turkey Arrests Kurdish Activist for Armenian Genocide Posts The Armenian Weekly May 30, 2017
Europe: Muslim Atrocities against Women? So What! The Gatestone Institute May 21, 2017
Celebrity Hijabs: The World's Worst Fashion Statement The Philos Project May 16, 2017
Should Europe Tolerate Muslim Rapists? Arutz Sheva May 10, 2017
Turkey: A History of Banning Poetry and Targeting Poets The Armenian Weekly May 9, 2017
The Brainwashing of Turkey's Children by ISIS The Philos Project May 8, 2017

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