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Title Publication Date
Political Strategies to Counterterrorism The Evolving Threat: International Terrorism in the post 9-11 Era July 12, 2006
Putting politics before pacifism Philadelphia Inquirer May 9, 2006
How to Deal with Kidnappings in Iraq Rivista di Intelligence December 2005
Europe's Problem with Ariel Sharon Middle East Quarterly Fall 2005
Dissident Watch: Ayman Nour Middle East Quarterly Summer 2005
Dissident Watch: Aktham Naisse Middle East Quarterly Spring 2005
Dissident Watch: Ahmad Batebi Middle East Quarterly Winter 2005


Book Title Publication Date
The Death of Feminism: What's Next in the Struggle for Women's Freedom
by Phyllis Chesler
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2006
Israeli-Jordanian Dialogue, 1948-1953: Cooperation, Conspiracy, or Collusion?
by Yoav Gelber
Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
H.V. Evatt and the Establishment of Israel: The Undercover Zionist
by Daniel Mandel
Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
Politics in Israel: The Second Republic (second ed.)
by Asher Arian
Middle East Quarterly Fall 2005
The Arab-Israeli Conflict in Israeli History Textbooks, 1948-2000
by Elie Podeh
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2005

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