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Title Publication Date
America's Flawed Ideas in the Middle East MEF Wire October 29, 2007
Nation and Assassination in the Middle East Middle East Quarterly Summer 2004
Coming to Terms: Fundamentalists or Islamists? Middle East Quarterly Spring 2003
Policy and the Academy: An Illicit Relationship? Middle East Quarterly Winter 2003
MESA Culpa Middle East Quarterly Fall 2002
Arabic Panic Middle East Quarterly Summer 2002
The Camera and the Burqa Middle East Quarterly Spring 2002
Jihad 101 Middle East Quarterly Spring 2002
Middle East Studies Fails in America MEF Wire March 14, 2002
Islam for Viewers Like You Middle East Quarterly Winter 2002
Professors of Palestine Middle East Quarterly Winter 2002
From Afghanistan to Araby National Review Online December 10, 2001
Terrorism? What Terrorism?! Wall Street Journal November 15, 2001
Hijacking Islam National Review September 19, 2001
Film Reviews: Après la guerre Middle East Quarterly Fall 2001
Don't Absolve the Great Powers Middle East Quarterly Winter 2000
Fundamentalist Islam at Large: The Drive for Power Middle East Quarterly June 1996


Book Title Publication Date
Rachid Ghannouchi: A Democrat within Islamism
by Azzam S. Tamimi
Middle East Quarterly Fall 2002
A Vision of the Middle East: An Intellectual Biography of Albert Hourani
by Abdulaziz A. al-Sudairi
Middle East Quarterly Spring 2002
Betrayal of Palestine: The Story of George Antonius
by Susan Silsby Boyle
Middle East Quarterly Spring 2002

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