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Writings by Denis MacEoin

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Title Publication Date
The US Embassy Move to Jerusalem vs. the "Peace Process" The Gatestone Institute December 19, 2017
Why an Islamist Charity Aids London's Homeless, Elderly The Gatestone Institute June 9, 2017
France's New Islamist Guillotine The Gatestone Institute February 7, 2017
The Temple Mount and UNESCO The Gatestone Institute August 19, 2016
Foreign Muslim Funding of Western Universities The Gatestone Institute August 19, 2016
Malala, Pakistan, and Israel The Algemeiner November 24, 2013
Keith Ellison's Stealth Jihad Middle East Quarterly Summer 2010
Dissident Watch: Ferhat Mehenni Middle East Quarterly Spring 2010
Anwar al-Awlaki: "I Pray that Allah Destroys America" Middle East Quarterly Spring 2010
Suicide Bombing as Worship Middle East Quarterly Fall 2009
No to Sharia Law in Britain Guardian.co.uk June 29, 2009
Marching for Hamas Jerusalem Post January 22, 2009
Ceasefire in Gaza Family Security Matters January 14, 2009
Tactical Hudna and Islamist Intolerance Middle East Quarterly Summer 2008
Why Do Muslims Execute Innocent People? Middle East Quarterly Fall 2006


Book Title Publication Date
In Search of the Moderate Muslim
by Jon Gower Davies
Middle East Quarterly Fall 2009

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