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Title Publication Date
Palestinian Refugees Languish in Lebanon Middle East Quarterly Fall 2012
Damascus on Trial Middle East Quarterly Spring 2011
Engaging Damascus: A Bad Idea MEF Wire October 14, 2010
The Palestinian Authority, a Hybrid Creation Middle East Quarterly September 1999


Book Title Publication Date
Building Arafat's Police: The Politics of International Police Assistance in the Palestinian Territories after the Oslo
by Brynjar Lia
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2008
A Police Force without a State: A History of the Palestinian Security Forces in the West Bank and Gaza
by Brynjar Lia
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2008
Arms Transfers to Israel: The Strategic Logic behind American Military Assistance
by David Rodman
Middle East Quarterly Summer 2008
King Hussein and the Evolution of Jordan's Perception of a Political Settlement with Israel, 1967-1988
by Joseph Nevo
Middle East Quarterly Fall 2007
The Palestinian Regime: A Partial Democracy
by As'ad Ghanem
Middle East Quarterly Winter 2002
Middle East Contemporary Survey - CD-ROM Version: Egypt, Volumes I-XX (1976-1996) Middle East Quarterly June 2000

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